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Team Building

The Bike Factory

A team-building activity that gives bikes to tykes!

The Bike Factory Challenge is a one of a kind team building event. A heart-warming corporate, socially responsible team building event that provides a sense of unity and a shared achievement that makes all participants feel good – sounds too good to be true? This "Bikes for Tykes" style event combines a focused emotional encounter and a learning opportunity to create a powerful and emotional experience for all involved.

How do you build bikes for tykes? The event is tailored to suit your group – whether you wish to hold it indoors or outdoors we can create it for you. Teams earn pieces of their bikes by completing a series of fun interactive challenges. Once all the pieces have been collected, the race is on to build the bikes. The first team to build the bike; and pass their bike inspection from our qualified mechanic, will win The Bike Factory challenge. Once all the bikes are complete, we reveal the feel-good surprise. The presentation of the new bikes to their new owners.

Team Building for Charity Children are selected through our relationship with several registered children's charities (or you can nominate your own preferred charity) to donate the completed bikes too. The look on the children’s faces when the teams present the bikes is priceless. The children wheel off with their brand-new bike, helmet, toolkit, lock and chain, and your team walks away fulfilled unlike any other team building event they have ever participated in. The Bike Factory provides a sense of achievement and joy and takes team building to a level many have never experienced.

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