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Feel the passion, the commitment, the desire and the success

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Laurie Lawrence, the Master Coach, Master Athlete, Master Teacher, Master Mentor and Master Motivator.

The cycle of business is no different to sport.  It’s a cycle Laurie Lawrence refers to as “Dream, Plan, Work, Persist, and Refocus”. Dream, Plan Work, Persist, and Refocus – it’s a continuing wheel that just keeps rolling.  Hard work, whether it’s physical or mental, stops when the training session is over or you lock the office. Laurie says “Things of value don’t come by luck, they’re won by pain, persistence and sacrifices.  Success is the celebration of preparation.”

Laurie has adopted a simple and eminently achievable approach.  In fact, his unique approach is all about making targets within anyone’s reach and not too unrealistic; as long as you’re prepared to work your butt off and are willing to stop at nothing to make it happen. Laurie often says “It all begins with a genuine desire to succeed.  If that desire is there, it can be transformed into success”.  But these words alone are only a glimpse of the passion Laurie displays when sharing his true life stories with others. Laurie says “Becoming successful means a big commitment, so you must have real passion. I’ve often worked over 100 hours a week; but because I love it so much, I haven’t really ‘worked’ a day in my life. If you’re an architect, for instance, and you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re probably going to design some pretty shabby looking buildings.”

Of course, if you don’t have the desire to take the appropriate steps and plan to do something about it, then the desire is merely a fantasy. Laurie is a genuine person with a genuine commitment to helping others in their endeavours to pursue success and enjoyment in whatever they choose to do. You too can experience the heart-felt message Laurie has a burning desire to communicate. As a motivator and entertainer he supports the “knuckles down the wall” approach. His impact on the business community as a keynote speaker has been spectacular as he subtly draws parallels between high sporting achievement and business.

Laurie Lawrence is in huge demand as an inspiring and entertaining corporate speaker. His messages of success from the sporting world translate brilliantly to the world of business. Laurie is currently planning his next major sporting event, the upcoming Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games as one of the Motivators for the Australian Team. Historically, this is a busy period leading up to games time with his Motivational Speaking commitments escalating due to sheer popularity and publicity during this period. Join the other successful organisations that look at this period as a hot opportunity to put plan into action. But get in quick as bookings need to be made well in advance.

Laurie Lawrence - Team Building

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