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Cowboys to Rockstars

A high performing team of rock stars will separate you from the rest and ensure you become the leader in your industry. Your ability to identify the cowboys in your business and learn how to build a team of rock stars is critical more than ever and will impact your bottom line dramatically. In this enlightening keynote discover who in your team multiply sales and service, do more with less and turn lemons into lemonade and how to transform the team members who are underperforming. Read less
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Destination Inspiration

Customer satisfaction is not doing your business any favours, as it is boring, bland and frankly expected. In fact customers expect excellent customer service as much as they expect their next breath to happen. If you want to stand out then your best destination is Customer Inspiration. In this keynote Yvonne shares her insights as to what will drive your team to create a culture of inspiration that will separate you from your competition. Read less
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Five Star Selling

Customers are searching for wisdom, the internet is great for gathering data. Your sales and service team could be the expert your customers wants, however when surveyed 40% of customers feel that the retailer falls short. Up skilled sales people increase sales; with 75% of customers offered additional items purchase and the average order increasing 25%. Invest in the right people who love what you sell and reward them. Start with teaching them the path to success and in this keynote Yvonne gives you the map to successful selling. Read less
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The Power

Yvonne helps women become empowered feel more inspired and in control of their future. Leading women on the path to financial betterment as a Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, she will breakdown the limitations holding women back from achieving the success they desire and deserve. Start taking your life to the next level by having certainty about what success looks like to you and how you can always be on purpose with your career choices. Read less
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Yvonne Hilsz

Yvonne Hilsz is a leading advocate for people empowerment, passionate about sales, customer service and empowering businesses.

Known for her engaging and dynamic approach, Yvonne Hilsz delivers powerful strategies to audiences on leadership development, sales capability, customer service, money mindset, and organisational culture enhancement. Yvonne has dedicated her career to empowering business owners, managers and teams, to guide their leadership potential and nurture their confidence both personally and professionally.

With over 20 years’ experience, Yvonne has worked with corporate companies such as Woolworths, BWS, Reebok, United Cellars, and Sportsgirl, as well as Government departments. Whilst also creating two signature programs, ‘Sell with Confidence’ and ‘Lead with Confidence’. Yvonne is currently working with ‘RAIN Group’ as the senior lead consultant, delivering world class sales training and coaching to private sector businesses and Government agencies. As well as being a leadership and management facilitator with ‘The Mintable’, offering stakeholder management and team facilitation, amongst other management skills.

From early in her career, Yvonne has been helping people find their own power and a renewed sense of purpose and direction to achieve their goals. Focussing on transforming complex information into accessible and easy-to-apply models, specifically regarding performance enhancement and leading with confidence.

Yvonne thrives in opportunities where she can make a positive impact for individuals and teams to be their best version and to strive for success. She volunteers on a NFP Board and has also invested her time and expertise into advocating for children and young people. Acting as president, since July 2023, and non-executive board director of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales.

Yvonne’s ability in all facets of sales comes through her coaching and training; synthesizing information into simple strategies that give both new and experienced teams confidence and frameworks to close more sales, implement communication strategies, develop opportunities for the future and create unity amongst teams.


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