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Tony Farugia

Tony Farugia is a consultant, trainer, and speaker, passionate about informing and equipping organisations with vital performance management skills. Linking the practical elements of complex customer management with a commercial focus

Tony Farugia has had a career spanning over 30 years in sales management, holding several positions with British Airways, in London and Sydney. He’s worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium enterprises in the airline, telecommunication industries across the UK, Australia, and Europe. Tony was invited by British Airways to represent the UK sales force in the BBC documentary “MISSION TO SELL”, where he explained the sales role and that of his team selling in the Enterprise space. He later joined Sir Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic Airways as his Sales Manager, in London and Southern England. After a year working for Richard, Delta Airlines approached Tony to lead sales operation as their UK Sales Manager, where he stayed for the next 3 years.

After moving to Brisbane in 1997, Tony re-entered the enterprise environment, joining Telstra in 2000 as a Senior Account Executive. He later became the Account Director for Queensland in 2005 for the Large Corporate team in Enterprise and Government. In 2011 Tony was approached by the Directors of the Helensvale Group, a Telstra partner based in SE QLD (2011) to establish their call centre operation, whilst also developing their sales team to sell more effectively in the Enterprise space. 

Tony is a result orientated individual, maintaining a strong reputation for delivering exceptional over expected outcomes, with a year-on-year growth of 155%. His presentations cover topics on succession planning, performance management, and building effective communication, negotiation, and time management skills. Tony’s presentations have seen drastic improvements in his clients’ operational efficiencies, revenue, and connections. He provides businesses with structure, channel management, account relationships, marketing, and sales, with a focus on staff recruitment and recognition processes.

His strong mix of real-life stories with “working techniques” to inspire, motivate and thought provoke, create memorable and inspiring experiences for all of his audiences. He currently works as a full-time presenter, training coach, principal, and managing director at Head Space Training. He has facilitated in Belbin, Neethling Brain Instruments (personality profiling) and Behavioural Science Systems, a scientific diagnostic tool that identifies performance in executive leadership, sales and support teams. Tony also holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

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