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Jane Slack-Smith

The Australian property expert bridging the gap between real estate agents and investors

As the owner of a multi-million dollar property portfolio, Jane Slack-Smith has been helping Australians break into the property market as a dedicated property investor and mortgage broker. Since then, she has expanded her community support through a series of books, media appearances and education programs.

Originally a mining and explosives engineer, Jane draws on similar principles to better understand the property market, sharing risk minimisation techniques help investors manage their property. She has personally inspected thousands of properties over the last 15 years, and has a successful track record of guiding prospective buyers to find the right property.

Across her career, Jane has been bridging the gap between real estate agents and their clients, coaching them to speak the language of their investors with better communication techniques.

Jane also shares her expertise as a successful writer, having published ‘Your Property Success with Renovation’ in 2012 with John Wiley’s & Sons. With her low-risk investment strategy, Trid3nt Strategy® has been giving property investors a solid foundation to achieve their financial goals with the right property portfolio.

Jane has quickly become a respected leader in the property investment sector, and is regularly consulted for her insightful commentary on a range of magazines, including Australian Property Investor Magazine, Smart Property Investor magazine, The Financial Review and Money Magazine. She also frequently appears on TV programs, webinars and live seminars as a property expert.

For her education work, Jane has been awarded the prestigious Churchill Fellowship, included in the Who’s Who of Australian Women every year since its inception, and was voted twice as the Australian Mortgage Broker of the Year by Your Investment Property Magazine’s 21,000 readersShe has been named one of Australia’s Top Ten Finance Gurus by Money Magazine, and has also been profiled by ABC’s Australian Story and Qantas Magazine.

Having perfected her education programs for real estate agents, Jane is keen to help agents speak the language of their investors with key strategies for communication that will help them close a sale as the go-to agent for any property investment. 

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