Jane Slack-Smith

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Author, Educator, Property Investor, Renovator and Mortgage Broker

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Jane Slack-Smith is an Author, Educator, Property Investor, Renovator and Mortgage Broker.  Jane came from mining and explosives engineer to become the owner of a multi-million dollar property portfolio.  

Jane now shares her risk minimisation techniques to educate others on how to do this too. Her book Your Property Success with Renovation, 2 properties, 1 renovation $1million in the bank (John Wiley’s & Sons 2012) is based on a solid foundation of how to locate the right property to match specific buying criteria to achieve long term financial goals is the basis of.  In this book Jane introduced her now famous Trid3nt Strategy®. A low-risk property investing strategy she developed using the skills in assessing risk she acquired as an explosives expert in the mining industry.

Jane has been recognised numerous times over the years for her contribution to the property investment education; she was profiled in the ABC’s Australian Story TV program; was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship, has been named in the Who’s Who of Australian Women every year since its inception and twice named Australian Mortgage Broker of the Year as polled by 21,000 property investor readers of Your Investment Property Magazine.

Jane is genuinely passionate about residential property investment and is a recognised national market commentator, appearing regularly on TV, webinars, podcasts, radio, live seminars and is regularly published in magazines including: Australian Property Investor Magazine, Smart Property Investor magazine, Your Investment Property Investment Magazine, The Financial Review, BRW and Money Magazine. In fact Money Magazine named her one of Australia’s Top Ten Finance Guru’s and Qantas Magazine spotlighted Jane as one of the 4 top wealth creators in Australia. 

After inspecting thousands of properties personally over the last 15 years, Jane's experience shows that most real estate agents probably are leaving money on the table. The language that astute and successful investors use is one that most agents are not aware of. Jane knows because she communicates with thousands of investors regularly. Investors continually tell her that agents don’t understand their requirements.

Well, it is time to stop that and let real estate agents into the inner circle of the investor. This is the area Jane specializes in.  Jane Slack-Smith can teach your future buyers how to buy the right property. Jane can share with you not only the language of the investor, but also how you can use it to not only connect with investors who are quick to act but also who can be repeat customers and advocates of your service through their closed network.

Jane's presentation for real estate agenets will bring you:

  • What investors want from an agent
  • How you can ‘talk their language’ to add value to both sides of the transaction
  • Share with you, techniques and tools that you can give potential buyers to make you the go-to person when they are ready to buy
  • How to get decisive and quick to action investors to approach you with their requirements so you can close the sale sooner
Jane Slack-Smith - Sales

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