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Abbie White - Sales - Sales Innovator 

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High-performance sales habits

A high performing sales team is essential to growth and success. So, how do you embed proactive sales habits that build a high-performance sales culture? In this keynote, I reveal what the world's top sales professionals do differently to consistently play a high-performance game. I'll unlock your team's potential by helping them understand how to adopt simple proactive sales habits that will have them performing all year round. Top takeaways: • In the era of digital sales, what is working and delivering real results in today’s market? • What do high performers do differently from the underperformers? • Highly practical and realistic takeaways which can be actioned immediately • What is best sales practice and breaking the mould on prospecting • How to shift from reactive to proactive sales • How to stand out in a crowded and noisy market Read less
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Quick & Authentic Ways to Increase your sales

This is one of the most in-demand speaking topics, focusing on addressing your business's low hanging fruit. You'll learn the quickest, most authentic, and highly practical strategies to increase your sales, confidently following the Sales Redefined approach. Audiences will leave with simple actions they can execute immediately to drive instant momentum. Top Takeaways: • Learn practical ways to empower your team to boost performance and get results fast. • Discover tried and tested methods to quickly increase your sales • Find out how to identify the low hanging fruit in your business Read less
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The Future of Sales

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world it is vital to not only stay ahead of the game but to make your competition irrelevant. Sales is changing rapidly in a digital age, with educated customers. Audiences will gain insights and predictions into the future of sales that will help them thrive, not just survive! Top Takeaways: • Understand what the landscape and future of sales will look like, and how to prepare and get a first-mover advantage. • The traditional sales approaches are outdated and no longer effective. • How to redefine your sales strategies and drive hyper-growth. • The most effective and highest converting sales trends. • How to future proof your business and put the sales team in pole position. Read less
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The Psychology of Sales

To be successful in sales, it's imperative to understand what motivates your target audience to buy! We buy emotionally and justify it logically, yet most sales information is still highly logical. This talk explores how and why customers buy and analyses the key drivers behind their buying decisions. Top Takeaways: • Understand the psychology of sales, how customers buy and how we can therefore influence their decisions • Leverage pattern disruption to stand out from the crowd. • Learn about DISC profiling and how to better understand customers' profiles and buying behaviours. • Discover how to adapt your sales approach depending on the customers' profiles. Read less
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Virtual and Digital Selling Essentials

This session explores how sales in the digital era have changed and why 80% of B2B buyers will engage digitally over traditional methods by 2025. You’ll learn why it’s important to embrace a digital-first approach (but not digital only). Audiences will gain a thorough understanding of how to leverage social selling and best practice, and also how to build and maintain relationships in a hybrid workforce. Top Takeaways: • Combine the best of both worlds, the best of traditional sales alongside the best of digital sales. • Understand the trends and what is working today in digital and virtual sales. • Learn how to maintain connections with existing clients and prospects in a hybrid model. Read less
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Abbie White

Sales Innovator 

Abbie White, a leading figure in the evolving world of sales, recognizes the transformative impact of AI and the changing landscape of decision-makers, as 60% of them now belong to the millennial and Gen Z generations, demanding a fresh approach. In response, Abbie is committed to redefining sales strategies for the digital era, offering a unique blend of expertise and experience.

As the CEO and founder of Sales Redefined, Abbie's specialty lies in serving as the bridge between sales and marketing, effectively revitalizing lead-generation campaigns and generating astounding returns on investment, often exceeding 2000%.

With over 15 years of experience, Abbie has facilitated sales exceeding $500 million, working closely with major corporations such as CBA, Telstra, and IBM. Notably, during her tenure as the National Sales Manager at IBM, she was responsible for a $100 million AUD portfolio and achieved remarkable transformations in her team's sales performance.

Abbie's reputation extends beyond her extensive sales accomplishments. She is recognized as a sought-after thought leader, contributing to Forbes Australia and holding the esteemed position of one of only two LinkedIn Sales Insiders for the Asia-Pacific region.

Abbie is renowned for her contagious enthusiasm and keynote presentations that not only inspire but also equip teams with actionable strategies for tangible growth. Her academic background in Business Management and Positive Psychology, combined with her certification in emotional intelligence, positions Abbie as a valuable asset for driving business growth.

At the forefront of her innovative approach is the founding of Sales Redefined, which has disrupted the sales and marketing industry by integrating effective digital marketing strategies. Prominent companies like Deloitte, Telstra, CommBank, and Dell have all benefited from Abbie's forward-thinking methods.

Incorporating emotional intelligence into her sales strategies, Abbie's certification as an MSCEIT practitioner has further enhanced her ability to drive sales success.

Abbie's legacy is a testament to her dedication to high-performance sales and customer-centric sales strategies, with an unwavering commitment to delivering impressive returns on investment. She is unquestionably the go-to expert for all things sales and marketing in the ever-evolving business landscape.


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