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Ian Moss

Iconic Australian musician delivering an unforgettable sound

Born and raised in Alice Springs, Ian got involved in the local band scene as a guitarist. After moving to Adelaide, his life would change when he answered a shop window flyer looking for a guitarist. Joining organist and songwriter Don Walker, drummer Steve Prestwich, bass player Phil Small and singer Jimmy Barnes, the four would go on to form the legendary Australian band Cold Chisel.

Making their debut on the back of flatbed trucks and in suburban hotels, the band’s reputation would grow until their tracks became staples of Australian radio. By 1980, Cold Chisel became the country’s biggest band with the release of the formative East album.

Having crafted the national sound with hard-driving rock and blues, they resonated with young working class fans thanks to their lyrics about the Australian experience.

Described by Barnes as “a boy from the bush who didn’t wear shoes but played fantastic”, Ian’s guitar talent proved crucial to the band’s success. He also has writing credits for songs like Bow River, and has contributed his vocal talent across Cold Chisel's discography.

After the band’s Last Stand tour in 1983, the band would eventually part ways, marking the end to one of Australia's most memorable chapters in music history. Cold Chisel's legacy remains influential even long after their separation.

As Australia’s best guitarist, Ian continues to grow his talent as a solo artist, constantly performing with the same calibre and stage presence as Cold Chisel. He released his debut single Tucker’s Daughter in 1989, becoming an immediate sensation nationwide. Written alongside Don Walker, the anthemic song hit No. 1 for two weeks and sat in the Top 10 for 11 weeks. It hit gold sales status after 15 weeks and sold more than 73,000 copies. Ian followed it up with a second single in the same year, and remained an instant classic among the Top 10.

With an incredible career as one of Australia’s leading artists, beloved guitarist Ian Moss continues to share his love of music with audiences.

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