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Tristan Miller

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Tristan Miller

The guy who ran 52 Marathons in 52 weeks!

Tristan Miller ran fifty two global marathons in fifty two weeks in 2010. He had spent a few years working in advert sales earlier than the “name of the wild” took grasp, a name triggered through the global economic difficulty by which he was once retrenched from Google. instead of in search of a new job, he decided to take on a brand new challenge.

His stories of heroism and misfortune are dynamic and fascinating, and his capacity to give insight into the profound modifications that he went through, has audiences engrossed in the story. Tristan even captured many of these moments on video, as he carried a digital camera while he used to be working in each corner of the sector, making his presentation visually enjoyable.

Tristan made nationwide headlines sooner than he left and however on his return to Australia and his title has been in print in many languages all over the world, growing thousands of avid world followers. His website, RunLikeCrazy.com, and facebook page have large numbers of standard guests all now questioning, what’s next for this rising hero of running?    

Tristan's subject matters embody:

  • Life Is A Marathon
  • Have fun Your Wins
  • Include Your errors
  • Catalysts For alternate
  • Letting Go Of the worry

Tristan’s story shows that a typical guy can do incredible issues with the right motivation. He’ll have individuals so inspired with the aid of the top of his discuss that they’ll imagine they are able to tackle the arena too!

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