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Action Your Bucket List

This Keynote normally follows my Build Your Bucket List Keynote.

With that said, I can do a combo of the 2 if there's enough time. In the 1st one, I give you the framework.

In this Keynote, you'll:

  • Do a quick recap of Keynote 1
  • Share the lists you've built
  • Reverse engineer your personal Life Plan
  • Establish Bucket List Buddies 
  • Take massive ACTION in the room!

The audience will leave with:

  • A sense that anything is truly possible
  • A formula for overcoming initial inertia 
  • An actioned Bucket List that is in motion
  • An ecosystem of support & accountability
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Build Your Bucket List

This is my signature Keynote. It's probably the reason why you're on my site right now.

In this Keynote you'll learn about:

  • Why traditional Bucket Lists are BS!
  • The Life Grid™ & how it really wakes people up
  • How to create a Reverse Bucket List
  • The M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint™ 
  • How these principles are an antidote to mental health

The audience will leave with:

  • A completely new way of looking at their life
  • An overwhelming sense of purpose & meaning
  • A renewed sense of fulfillment & gratitude
  • A personalized & actionable Bucket List Life Plan™
  • Increased engagement through a tangible 'WHY'
  • A framework that they can use with their team & family
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Travis Bell

Travis Bell, known as ‘The Bucket List Guy’, has dedicated his career to helping people find meaning and purpose within their lives, and live fulfilling before its too late

Travis Bell has been known as ‘The Bucket List Guy’ for 12 years after someone called him it in his first ever talk, and is now the world’s number one bucket list expert. From the age of 18, before Bucket Lists were a ‘thing’, Travis wrote a ‘To Do Before I Die List’. He started by speaking in Australia to small audiences for free, and has now become a Certified Speaking Professional. He shares his captivating story of overcoming depression, and his passion to help people by showing them how to create and cross off their own lists to start living life with purpose. After the Bucket List movie and the popularity of the concept, Travis’s movement has become a heavily hash tagged and globally tweeted phenomenon.

The Bucket List has always been Travis’s compass and motivation, and a reason to wake up every morning and attack life. His passion continues to bring meaning and excitement into his life and those he shares the concept with. He has dedicated his life to sharing his own experiences with the world in hopes of helping others wake up and live their own lives before it’s too late.

Travis has presented in 6 continents, centering his talks around the importance of living life fulfilling, through his philosophy of the bucket list. His career as a personal development speaker and life coach, with a foundation in personal training, has seen him gaining a global network of Certified Bucket List Coaches with the common goal of helping 10 million people live purposefully. He continues to spread his passion and ideas through his Keynote Speaking, Podcast and Blog; and has done a TEDx talk, ‘Life’s way too short not to live your Bucket List’, where he emphasises the importance of living a regret-free life, and prioritising ones bucket list. 

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