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Todd Jarratt

Todd Jarratt empowers people to overcome odds and achieve their fullest potential

Todd Jarratt’s journey from a childhood marked by severe bullying in a country town with one of Australia’s highest suicide rates per capita, to his current role as a head university teacher at the age of 21, is a testament to his resilience and determination. Todd has fought and overcome the odds his whole life, and his story of continuously defying expectations throughout his life empowers others to recognise that their abilities too are truly only limited by their mindset. Todd is one of the most passionate and hard-working people you will ever come across.

From the age of 13, Todd displayed an exceptional work ethic by undertaking contract work across Australia and commencing sports commentary while recovering from an injury that made him unable to compete in his passion for motocross. Throughout his teenage years, he juggled the demands of boarding school with travelling with his family for motocross events and pursuing his nationwide commentary career.

By the time he reached 18, Todd was working in multiple roles as a personal trainer, team manager of a national motorsport team, and as a diligent student maintaining top grades in sport science full time at university. His unwavering dedication led to opportunities in journalism where he could be seen making regular contributions to numerous national and international motorsport magazines and websites. 

By the age of 21, Todd had expanded his repertoire even further, writing for prestigious publications such as the ‘Men’s Health and Fitness’ magazine, launching his own training and elite athlete consulting business, and assuming a leadership position as a head university tutor in sports science and exercise physiology.

Despite his early struggles with social isolation, Todd’s ascent to success wasn’t facilitated by connections, and was rather a result of his tireless hard work and perseverance. Through his experience, Todd shares a message that empowers others to rise above the limiting standards ingrained within society and encourages them to challenge the societal norms to push past subconscious barriers and unlock their true capabilities. 

Through his experience working with elite athletes, Todd has witnessed first-hand the transformative power of breaking through mental barriers to make improvements in not only performance, but also various aspects of life including learning, finance, and relationships.

Todd’s passionate advocacy for breaking down social standards and limitations inspire individuals to reimagine their own boundaries and strive for personal growth. By integrating his life’s purpose, personal experiences, and professional knowledge, Todd continues to motivate and inspire others to pursue their full potential and create meaningful life changes.

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