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Tim Macartney-Snape

Renowned mountaineer, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker, redefining limits and inspiring global audience’s 

Tim Macartney-Snape is renowned as a pioneer in both mountaineering and entrepreneurship. His journey began with the ground-breaking ascent of a new route up the North Face of Mount Everest, a feat that showcased his determination and resilience. This achievement set the building blocks for his later triumph in 1990, when he made history during his three-month expedition as the first person to climb the entire 8,848 metres from sea to summit without the aid of guides, fellow climbers, or bottled oxygen. The documentary of Tim’s achievement won numerous prizes in seven countries for best mountain film.

Tim’s unparalleled expeditions across the Himalaya, including the first Australian ascent of Mount Everest, earned him global acclaim. His mountaineering exploits not only captivated audiences but also inspired the founding of Sea to Summit, a leading outdoor adventure brand. Named in honour of his extraordinary ascent, Sea to Summit has flourished into a multinational enterprise, offering innovative equipment in over 60 countries, and has won design and business awards in Australia, Europe and America.

Tim has also authored several books, including ‘Being Outside’, a comprehensive manual for all who want to enjoy the outdoors, ‘Mountain adventurer, and ‘Everest from sea to summit’. As well as engaging various films such as ‘Everest: The Australian Challenge’ which aired on Channel 9, ‘Harder than Everest’, Australian Geographic’s ‘Everest: from Sea to Summit’, and ‘The Australian Alps – Mirka’s Palace of Dreams’.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours, Tim is a highly sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with his remarkable tales of conquering the world’s tallest peaks. His speaking engagements, enriched by breathtaking footage and vivid imagery, transcend mere mountaineering narratives into profound lessons of achievement, resilience, and leadership. Through his authentic and engaging delivery, Tim delivers invaluable insights on vision, strategic planning, team optimisation, and risk management, drawing parallels between his experienced challenges, and real-world obstacles.

In addition to his presentations, Tim remains actively involved in the adventure travel industry, serving as a consultant to World Expeditions. His commitment to environmental conservation is evident through his role as Chairman of Leave No Trace Australia, and as a member of the Fred Hollows Foundation. Tim also continues to pursue his chief outdoor interests of exploratory mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing.

Recognised for his forthrightness and humility, Tim continues to inspire individuals worldwide, both through his extraordinary adventures and passionate advocacy for transformative change. As a twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient, and founder and Patron of the World Transformation Movement, Tim’s impact extends far beyond the realms of mountaineering and entrepreneurship, leaving an impactful mark on the global community.


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