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Simon Waring - Motivational Speakers - An inspiring tale of triumph over adversity

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The River of Love

A heart-opening keynote showcasing Simon and his journey as the primary carer for his infant son Marmaduke as he battled childhood cancer. A story that captures the infinite wisdom and purity of a child, the awe inspiring compassion shown by others, and explores the personal transformation in accepting the reality of death. In this presentation, Simon takes audiences on an emotional journey sharing stories from his experience in palliative care. While it is confronting to face death in any capacity it also where we view the true beauty of life magnified. The lessons we learn as we sit on the edge of these experiences remind us to be present, to embrace joy, gratitude and to always connect to other human beings with compassion and love. These are the lessons of Marmaduke. Audiences will walk away with hearts and eyes wide open as their perspective will be challenged and they will be asked to explore the meaning of life and purpose on a much deeper level than what we experience on a daily basis. Read less
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Unlock Your Best Self: A positive way to navigate change

Nobody feels ready for major change. It is easy to accept that change is constant when it arrives in small waves, but how do we prepare ourselves for the surge of relentless change or adversity? How do we access our strengths and maintain clear thinking? We must unlock resilience and tap into our best selves in the midst of change and crisis in order to allow forward and positive navigation. In this presentation, Simon takes audiences on an emotional journey where they will be moved and inspired by a personal story of grief and loss that leads to hope and new beginnings. Simon provides a roadmap that outlines the tools he has harnessed through these experiences enabling him to manage and navigate relentless change, and heal and shift his life from pain to purpose. Audiences will walk away with a deeper appreciation for the true meaning of life, but also with a toolkit that will enable them to have a deeper understanding of the role of presence and resilience, to proactively build strength in the face of change or adversity. Read less
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Simon Waring

An inspiring tale of triumph over adversity

Simon Waring is a father who faced extraordinary challenges when his young son and wife were both diagnosed with cancer, but through adversity has learned so much about what is important in life. How do we navigate change? How do we respond to fear?

To accept we are human we must also accept that we are vulnerable, yet many of us hide our vulnerability under a blanket of perceived control that we believe defines who we are.

It is not until we lose control and are faced with adversity, that we are asked to unlock and truly tap into the strength and resources found within ourselves.

For many of us it would be inconceivable to comprehend the shock, grief, and loss of faith when faced with the death of your wife, and then only five weeks later your four year old son at the hands of childhood cancer.

Leaving a corporate career to care first for his young son and then his wife when they were diagnosed with cancer, Simon had to find even greater resolve when they both died.

Yet life didn’t give Simon the option to remain frozen in grief. He had to show up as a father for his remaining children, and in doing so harness an inner strength that would enable him over time to transform pain into purpose in order to help his family process loss and begin their long steady journey of recovery.

Sometimes in life, we build bridges before we know we need them, and Simon found his long background in Shiatsu gifted him an ability to remain calm and grounded in the midst of crisis. This ability to remain present helped him to make clear decisions under stress, and remain fluid and flexible in the face of adversity and move forward positively for his family. Remaining grounded allowed him to unlock the inner resilience needed to help his young family navigate the relentless cancer journey and its aftermath, but also uncover the joy to be found in living in the moment.

Simon vividly remembers the days and nights he spent in hospital caring for his son Marmaduke who was battling the cancer that had invaded his tiny body. It was through this experience that Simon’s perception of life itself would shift and evolve as he learned to live in the moment with his young son, whose journey was gifting Simon with a brand new perspective and meaning in life. A life infused with presence, joy, gratitude, and a deep awakening of the human heart.

His story is one of the most inspiring tales of triumph over adversity, however, his presentation is one that creates value for an audience seeking the insights and tools to find growth during difficult times.

Simon’s articulate message of acceptance, about reacting positively in the face of immense change and being ‘present’ for his son in the midst of chaos, is heartfelt, inspiring and can change people’s view of the world, of their relationships and their priorities.

As a speaker, Simon takes the audience on an emotional journey that is heartbreaking yet heart lifting. Simon’s dignity and grace is evident as he invites you to view the world through his lens, a lens that despite his challenging journey is full of hope and optimism for the future.

Simon would humbly describe himself as an ordinary man, yet his life, his story, his insights and wisdom are nothing short of extraordinary.  This is a message that will fundamentally change your outlook on the meaning of life.

Simon’s ability to advocate for other people in similar challenging circumstances finds him in demand nationally, educating the public and health leaders as both a Palliative Care advocate, and as a speaker on acceptance and resilience in the face of change.

A short film about Simon’s family is used internationally to educate health professionals and the public on the value of end of life care and its impact on both family and community.

Simon is Deputy-Chair of the voluntary Parents Advisory Group, within the Children’s Cancer Centre at the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital


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