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Shane Thatcher

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Speaker Topics

Authenticity and Your Brand

Shane explains how in the age of social media pretending to be something you are not is impossible Read less
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Good Consumption, Good Story and Good Business

Shane explains how consumers not only desire a good product but a product with a story and a positive impact on the world Read less
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How to Create the Life you Want

Shane can help to identify what is important to you and how to create a successful business that is aligned to your values Read less
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When to Pivot and How to Stay the Course

Shane shows how to tell when to stick to a plan when it is not working or whether it is time to move into a new direction Read less
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Shane Thatcher

Founder and CEO of illumination Australia

Shane Thatcher is a social entrepreneur whose ideas and passion translated into improving some of the world most impoverished nations.

illumination was founded in 2011 with the idea of providing safe and clean light to the 1.2 billion people in the world who do not have access to electricity. As the demand but nothing else was there for this project, Shane encountered numerous obstacles in the attempt to assist those living in the dark, including lack of established distribution channels, countless logistical and infrastructure problems but also customers who not only did not understand the concept of the product but could not afford to pay for it.

By experimenting with different business models, Thatcher could find a solution and provide electricity to some of the world’s poorest nations. illumination’s story of taking risks that business textbooks cannot describe, showed that success shouldn’t just be measured in money but rather the effect it makes in the world. Shane’s evolution from commodity trader to social entrepreneur make him a popular presenter for companies that need inspiration and motivation to help improve their business.

With the ability to conform his presentations to suit any audience or industry, Shane Thatcher works with event organisers to ensure a smooth and relatable presentation.

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