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Major Glenn Todhunter

An inspirational aviator with a career built on resilience.

On September 22nd 1995, Todhunter almost perished within the wreckage of his aircraft after it crashed from 200ft during a training session. He spent several days on life support in intensive care, during which both of his legs were amputated below the knee to ensure his survival. 

After spending two months in hospital recovering, as well as another eight months of learning to walk, Major Glenn was told that with his disability, he would never be able to fly for the Defence Force again.

Against all odds, Todhunter’s determination allowed him to become the first and only amputee aviator to serve in the Australian Defence Force, having flown in both the rotary and fixed wing aircraft for the Australian Army.

Now flying for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Tasmania, Glenn enjoys providing important aeromedical treatment to those in need.

In acknowledgement of his achievements, the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine granted Glenn a lifetime honorary membership, making him the first non-doctor to receive such an award. He was also featured on the ABC’s Australian Story and was one of four finalists for the 2006 Suncorp Queenslander of the Year.

Major Glenn is a strong believer in resilience. He is an inspirational advocate for trauma victims and individuals with disability, encouraging them to not let their past experiences hold them back from their passion. He is an active member of many Disability and Support Groups.

Major Glenn Todhunter’s journey proves that resilience is key to overcoming some of life’s biggest challenges. No matter how difficult things may get, Major Glenn inspires his audience to bounce back and seize every opportunity. 

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