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Becoming by Overcoming

Join Liza as she explores "Embracing Possibilities and Uncovering Hidden Opportunities." Discover the secrets to growth in challenging environments, triumph through transformative shifts, and the enduring strength of resolve and persistence. Be inspired by the transformative power of acts of goodness, and learn to trust in your truth while letting go of others' opinions. It's a journey towards empowerment you won't want to miss!

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Empower Your Team. Dream Big. Achieve More

Get ready to be inspired by Liza as she leads the discussion on "Igniting Strategic Action with a Visionary Plan." Join Liza in exploring the art of goal-setting to drive success and discover how to inspire a shared brand vision for motivation and influence. Delve into breaking barriers, maximizing productivity, and nurturing fresh perspectives for forward-thinking outcomes. In this insightful session, Liza will shed light on the transformative trait of forgiveness in leadership. Cultivate a mindset for success and driving meaningful change!

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Harness the Power of Strategic Thinking

Join Liza as she explores the realm of strategy with "Uncovering Strategies: The Power of Why, What, and How." Liza takes you on a journey of mastering accountable excellence and cultivating a winning mindset. Her insights extend to mastering control in the face of adversity and developing a sharp mindset for success and embrace the art of taking calculated risks for extraordinary outcomes. 

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Liza Pavlakos

In her life-changing presentation, Liza Pavlakos focuses on victory over adversity and the burning desire to succeed.

Liza Pavlakos is an entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who has spoken to over 100,000 people on six continents. A Toastmasters Gold Gavel Award recipient, she is the founder and CEO of Positive Breakthroughs. She works with a team of experienced chartered psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches who are dedicated to improving mental health. 

A survivor of enough trauma to last a lifetime, she uses her own inspirational story of grit and resilience to inspire thousands and convince them that obstacles can be overcome. This is the story of a self-made entrepreneur who overcame homelessness, an abduction where she was almost murdered and triumphed against all odds to become one who inspires others to succeed.

When she was 22, she overcame homelessness and hosted over 4000 people at her first Miss India International event with zero start-up capital. She opened a bar and restaurant in Melbourne's CBD when she was 25,  and without any tailoring experience, she launched five tailoring stores by hiring a team of tailors and seamstresses to manage her stores. As a master at sales, she brought in clients such as the Crown Towers, the W Hotel, Chanel, Botega, Ralph Lauren, and Max Mara, as well as the Australian Open, Grand Prix, Melbourne Fashion Week, Melbourne Cup, and tailoring for international celebrities. 

The title "Top 10 Female Speakers in the World for 2020" was awarded to Liza for her heartfelt keynotes. In addition to being featured on CNN, BBC and other media outlets around the world as an empowerment expert, Liza inspires others to embrace change.

Liza's life mission is to show entrepreneurs and corporate teams how to overcome adversity with steadfast determination. Rather than just a story about overcoming abuse, she has a story of hope and grit laced with a dash of entrepreneurship. 

In Liza's speech, she demonstrates that anyone can achieve their dreams if they have a burning desire to succeed.

Liza is best known for her ability to inspire leadership, team building, and performance. Liza has spoken to fortune 500 companies including, The Coca-Cola Company, Marriott International, Just Eats, Lenovo Australia and New Zealand, AON, Versace, Qatar Airways, Zurich Insurance Group. Liza is the winner the Super Achievement Award from the Women's World Leadership Congress and the People Choice of Excellence Award from the Human Resources Asia HRD Summit.

With experience speaking at Tech, Business, Finance and Banking events, Liza can tailor her keynotes to inspire audiences in any industry. 

When the challenges are insurmountable, the goals audacious, and the competition intense, Liza gives individuals and organisations the tools they need to push through to beyond survival and thrive in the face of challenges. Author of her upcoming book "Voiceless No More", Liza's mission is to help people succeed amid any adversity.

As well as inspiring, empowering, and providing actionable strategies, Liza's keynotes are designed to provide solutions your audience will never forget. 


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