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Leonie Katekar  - Motivational Speakers - Keynote Speaker, Author and Long Distance Solo BikĀ ...

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Leonie Katekar

Keynote Speaker, Author and Long Distance Solo Bike Packer

At age 55, Leonie Katekar left behind her past and confronted her fears by immersing herself in a foreign world and embarking on 12,000 km solo bike-packing expedition through South America. 

Leonie now speaks about her experience alone on the bike. It is a story for anyone disillusioned with their life and wanting to be brave enough to face the question; 'What would I do if I was not afraid?''- the title of her keynote speeches and her book. 

As a teenager, Leonie tragically lost her two siblings to separate car accidents. As an adult, she lost her mother to cancer. After bringing up 4 children, she lost her marriage. Alone and afraid of the future, she forced herself to step out of her fears and redefine who she had been and who she was going to be. Faced with an invitation that seemed impossible - to solo bike ride across a quarter of the globe, she said yes to her fears and that ride changed her life.

Leonie's keynotes are colourful, pragmatic and inspiring. Her stories are infused with her intrepid spirit. Her ability to capture an audience and speak with grit and impact was honed by her work over 15 years in indigenous health in the Northern Territory of Australia. As a national leader and CEO, she spoke professionally at national conferences and for industry bodies about the use of technology to support rural and remote delivery of health care. 

Alone, Leonie rode the length of South America over 12,000 kms and 214 days through nine countries. She conquers the Andes at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres, explores and thrives in and among unique towns and cities, lakes and forests, deserts and ancient ruins, while pushing through extreme physical demands on her body and overcoming the weather and her own doubts. 

Returning to Australia, just days before the pandemic, she is changed, and now faces a new world from a unique perspective. 

Since COVID, living in fear has become endemic.   Leonie uses her deep emotional intelligence and remarkable breadth of experience which enables her to connect to those hard to crack highly trained professionals. Leonie’s modesty and simplicity breaks down the barriers that we put up to protect ourselves that also stop us from reaching our true potential and from truly being happy.  The audience leaves challenged and feeling they too can find a way to live their lives with passion and purpose and without fear.

Leonie can deliver her keynote speech in person or by virtual broadcast through multimedia channels.  Choose to come on the ride of your life. 

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