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Kim Payne - Motivational Speakers - Kim Payne has spent the past three decades as a sp ...

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Lead your way

Leadership starts with you and bringing out the best in others. Then, it’s about finding a style that fits, feels right, and complements your abilities. It means stepping up and owning your value as a leader. To enhance others’ performance, so everyone wins. Read less
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Paid your worth

Most people don’t go into business to break even. They just find being profitable challenging. When pricing value, several fundamental principles apply to ensure it’s profitable to the business, valuable to the client, and sustainable over time. Read less
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Pursuing real value

Delivering real value requires a clear framework that captures why someone would work with you, stay with you, pay you and refer you. It’s about making value the focus of all you do, then articulating and delivering it so clients experience life-changing results. Read less
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The value of conversations

Real connection and understanding come from conversations that move people to action. Getting deep and meaningful is key for longer-lasting, stronger relationships where the real value is experienced. Read less
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Kim Payne

Kim Payne has spent the past three decades as a speaker, trainer, business coach, and consultant in financial services.

She is obsessed with helping brilliant, educated professionals get rewarded personally, professionally, and commercially.

Kim has learned that technical genius does not guarantee success. If you want to earn more, impact others and build a business or career that makes you proud, you need to be more valuable. To step up and take the lead. To know your value, understand what others value, and deliver it passionately.

Kim has almost 20 years in the corporate world with companies including Credit Suisse First Boston, Citibank, Northumberland Group (in the UK), The Money Managers, and NAB/MLC. Since 2010, Kim owned and operated multiple businesses of her own.

Kim has a variety of topics for audiences that cover leadership, communication, and business. 
They can be delivered stand-alone or combined to create your perfect experience. 

They can be delivered (in person or virtual) as a keynote, presentation, breakout session, practical workshop, masterclass or webinar. 

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