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Julie Randall - Motivational Speakers - Become more resilient and don

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Julie Randall

Become more resilient and don't back down from any challenge

Julie Randall has an inspirational story to tell. Having faced a 0% survival rate, she understands the importance of tenacity, positivity and hope in everyday life. 

In 2012, Julie suffered a sudden seizure at work and was ultimately diagnosed with a stage four metastatic melanoma in her brain, pancreas, lungs, and liver. Refusing to give up and accept the prognosis, she conducted her own research only to find out that no one had survived the same diagnosis. 

Without giving up, Julie managed to find a clinical trial overseas, which was her best hope of continuing her life. Unfortunately, the trial was full with seventy patients all of whom were American citizens. Despite the setbacks, Julie continued and managed to make her way into the trial, becoming known as 'Patient 71'. 

Julie's incredible story of hope and tenacity has been covered by '60 Minutes' and recounted in her memoir 'Patient 71'. 

Now Julie is cancer free and possesses a perspective of life that is inspiring. She aims to teach everyone how to live more meaningful and present lives, after experiencing a life-altering health battle.

Julie is able to speak at an array of events, motivating audiences to become more resilient and not back down from a challenge. She has spoken at events both nationally and internationally. 


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