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Food for Thought

In this topic, Jules discusses how employees are not happy within their workplace and are taking sick days even when they are not genuine. With the same idea that food connects people, she demonstrates the benefits of giving to employees rather than taking from them and how much better their connection to their workplace would be. Read less
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Food: Kids in the Kitchen

Food is what connects us all, from physical to emotional wellbeing, food is what nourishes every fibre of our being. Allen demonstrates how food can be a secret weapon and how every human being talks the language of food. Read less
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Game On

Within this topic, Jules touches on the raising suicide rates in Australias youth and how the disconnection between youths and the world is causing the increase. She demonstrates how much harder life is for children in Australia than ever before and how every individual can assist. She teaches youths how to deal with lifes hardest situations and how to get up when you are down. Read less
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Rules to Resilience

Jules stresses the importance of raising diverse and resilient children and how it is not just the explicit teaching that raise children but also what they learn to do themselves. She gives the audience strategies that can help increase levels of resilience in both themselves but also those around them. Read less
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Jules Allen

Embracing individuality and motivating individuals to overcome challenges

A professional and entertaining motivational speaker, Jules Allen is one of those people who can connect with anyone. She embraces individuality and motivates individuals to overcome challenges they may encounter.

With extensive experience in dealing with the troublesome and frustrating behaviour of teenagers, Jules is able to work with any young person. She is often described as the ‘Teen Whisperer’ and speaks with a language that engrosses her young audience.

Having over 18 years experiences of working with young people in crisis, including fostering 31 children over 15 years, Allen completely understands their needs and can diffuse a situation quickly and efficiently. Having had to overcome her own adversities and challenges, her layered skillset and extensive knowledge on the topic of youths, she is solution focussed and can give audiences the tools and skills required.

Jules is an expert on issues that affect young people and the effects young people have on adults, ensuring that she stays up to date with the current issues and can develop skills and approaches that can assist both young people and adults alike.

Committed to tailoring her presentation to suit any audience, Allen is fuelled by the outcome of an event and what she can do to bring it success. Her warmth and compassion ensure that she is there to benefit your organisation and that her presentation isn’t going to be generic. She is as comfortable presenting to CEO’s and business professional as she is speaking to young teens.

Jules Allen is an engaging and dynamic presenter whose passion is clearly distributed to her audience. She can motivate and inspire any audience regardless of their background.

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