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Janine Shepherd

Reclaim your power to overcome life’s greatest challenges

Janine Shepherd’s story of survival and resilience has been inspiring audiences around the world. Having defied the odds of her permanent disability, she went on to become a commercial pilot and aerobatics flight instructor. Janine has also written extensively and spoken at keynote events to share her remarkable journey.  

Originally a national champion skier training for the Olympics, Janine’s life would be turned upside down when she was involved in a near-fatal bike accident that ended her skiing career. After an intense rehabilitation period, including a risky procedure to rebuild her shattered vertebra, she was given the tragic news that she would almost certainly never walk again.

But determined to not let her disabilities get in the way of her life, Janine rekindled her defiant spirit after watching a small plane fly overhead, declaring that if she couldn’t walk, she would fly instead.

Janine was lifted into an aircraft, while still encased in a full body cast, so that she could complete her introductory flight lesson. Within a year, she had excelled in her studies and successfully gained her private pilot’s license. With her hard work and piloting skills, she went on to achieve a commercial pilot license and her flying instructor’s rating.

Since then, she continues to push boundaries in aviation by teaching aerobatic flight to other pilots.

Outside of flight school, Janine has attained a Bachelor of Arts in Human Movement Studies and a Graduate Degree in Education. She also supplements her tertiary education with a Diploma of Counselling, as well as certifications in different psychological therapies.

She is currently completing a PhD based on her science-based resilience intervention program. 

An inspiration to all, including her three children, Janine has written six best-selling books on her own life and the strategies she’s learnt for resilience. ‘Never Tell Me Never’ was adapted into a feature length biopic which caught the hearts of Australian audiences nationwide.

She continues to share her story on various media programs, including a feature on 60 Minutes. She has also delivered the empowering TEDx Talk ‘A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person’, which has become one of the all-time favourite talks on the TED platform, inspiring millions around the world.

Janine has also been recognised with Australia’s highest honour, The Order of Australia. 

Known for being a gifted storyteller, Janine perfectly blends humour and impeccable timing to engage any audience. She is passionate about creating meaningful change, instilling motivational strategies for resilience, and sowing the seeds for growth and positive transformation in her audience.

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