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Fadi Chalouhy - Motivational Speakers - The importance of resilience after being born with ...

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Fadi Chalouhy

The importance of resilience after being born without legal rights

Having been born a stateless person in Lebanon, Fadi Chalouhy’s early life was presented with countless legal challenges. But despite the frequent discrimination from his government and local citizens, Fadi defied all odds and eventually turned a story of struggle into triumph.

Born to a single Lebanese mother, Fadi’s mother was prevented by Lebanese law from registering her child in Lebanon. Illegal since birth, Fadi was raised believing he was unwanted by society and that his life would always be an up-hill battle. He grew up without legal identification, and had no access to necessities like education, employment and healthcare. 

Miraculously in 2017, Fadi received a response from Talents Beyond Boundaries, an organisation dedicated to supporting refugees through skilled migrant schemes. With the education and work experience that he managed to secure in Lebanon, Fadi became the first stateless person ever to be granted an Australian skilled migrant visa in 2019. Thanks to his new sponsorship from an Australian entrepreneur, secured by Talents Beyond Boundaries, Fadi began a new chapter of his life in Australia.

Drawing on personal experiences, Fadi takes his audience on an emotional roller-coaster through the intimate, confronting and inspiring stories that have shaped his life. From his life in a small mountain of Lebanon, all the way to his journey to Australia, Fadi faced countless obstacles with tenacity and unparalleled determination.

He imparts important strategies for resilience, including embracing fear, building an identity, and finding inspiration in their lowest moments. Fadi is passionate about highlighting the infinite possibilities that audiences can reach with the resources and opportunities available to them in Australia.

A remarkable story of perseverance and determination, Fadi delivers an engaging presentation with charisma and charm. Drawing on his personal struggles and challenges, he inspires audiences to overcome hardship with hope and triumph of the human spirit.

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