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Clare Stewart - Motivational Speakers - Accomplished lawyer, Mayor of Noosa and published  ...

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Clare Stewart

Accomplished lawyer, Mayor of Noosa and published author in the face of adversity

Having overcome great tragedy, Clare Stewart has an incredible story that is sure to inspire audiences of all kinds. 

On a routine 10km jog around Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Clare would find herself the victim of a horrible crash with a garbage truck, just mere metres from her home. Screaming in agony as her legs remain trapped under the weight of the truck’s front wheel, she spent the next thirty-four minutes begging for her legs to be saved.When she is finally freed from the vehicle, Clare is rushed to the closest hospital where she discovers that she is suffering from hypothermia after losing so much skin, muscle and blood. Her doctors are also worried after seeing her life-threatening injuries. If Clare survives, she faces the reality that she may never walk again or possibly lose both of her legs.

Clare spent the next six months in hospital determined to keep her legs and walk on her own two feet again. In the face of incredible hardship, Clare’s unshakeable determination allowed her to keep persevering through her extended hospital stay and thirty-seven operations. 

Determined to make a life for herself after rehabilitation, Clare used her strength and the support of loved ones to complete her Masters Degree in Law at the University of Sydney. 

While still in rehabilitation, Clare began part-time legal work in the legal area and worked at a new charity named Youngcare. Through the charity, she met a man who would go on to change her life, supporting her journey to becoming a Barrister-at-Law. She eventually married and started a family with this man.

Clare has written a book based on her experience titled ‘Standing On My Own Two Feet’, where she hopes to inspire her readers by detailing her own trauma and how she overcame the challenges. She has also helped to develop the online women’s network platform ‘dear molly’ which inspires, informs and connects women across the globe.

Recently, Clare was elected Mayor of Noosa Council in 2020, becoming the first woman to hold the position.

With a story of pure courage and unwavering determination, Clare emphasises the importance of resilience in the face of life’s greatest obstacles.

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