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Chris Gardner - Motivational Speakers - The true story behind

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Chris Gardner

The true story behind 'The Pursuit of Happyness'

Chris Gardner is an entrepreneur, single parent and best-selling author of 'The Pursuit of Happyness'. Having been translated into over 40 languages, the book gained further success in the critically-acclaimed film of the same name. 

Facing homelessness as a Veteran with a toddler son, Chris was pushed to his brink in the 1980’s. Burdened by the cycles he was born into, such as child abandonment, alcoholism, poverty and illiteracy, Chris was determined to break out of these cycles and succeed against all odds.

Now with his keynote presentation, Chris is excited to share how he overcame life’s biggest obstacles to build the life he wanted for his family.

Learn all about Chris’ concept of Spiritual Genetics and how that makes you, uniquely You. He will also explain the concept of the Universal Dream, an idea that he learned from his mother that inspired him to become anything he wanted to be. 

Chris will also identify the importance of the “P’s” in our life: Promise, Passion, Plan. By identifying these goals and implementing practical steps towards them, Chris will inspire you to seize your dreams and work towards your goals.

He will also talk how changing the narrative of your life can empower you to take control of your problems. After all, if “you drove here”, you can also “drive out of here”.

The only thing he wants you to leave with is to know that if Chris Gardner can do it, so can you.  

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