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Brad Burton

Popular UK presenter for self-development and business coaching

Beginning his career on a computer support desk for a Salford company, Brad Burton would become one of the most outspoken life and business coach.

Not long after he joined the support desk, Brad would secure his then-dream job at a computer games store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre. With his passion for the industry, Brad networked with professionals in the gaming industry, and eventually became a journalist himself doing game reviews for magazines and TV shows like Channel 4 and Sky One.

After a horrible bullet injury through his Manchester bedroom window, Brad faced incredible hardship battling depression and loss. Exploring his options, he decided to move to Somerset where he spent years on benefits.

It was not long before Brad would put himself back into the workforce, working in a local video game store and even marrying a local woman who he had met at work.

Feeling inspired, Brad tried his luck with marketing, before pivoting towards business. His new venture, a business networking company, allowed small business owners to find meaningful opportunities through engaging community involvement. 

Basing his approach on Britain’s New Labour period in 1997, his business, 4Networking disrupted local markets, making previous establishments seem outdated and old-fashioned. As the founder, Brad has expanded 4Networking across the UK, with more groups and over 5,000 events running annually. 

Outside of his business, Brad is also a prolific author, having published four books: ‘Get Off Your Arse’, ‘Get Off Your Arse Too’, ‘Life. Business: Just Got Easier’ and ‘Now What?’. He is also a regular contributor to radio, TV and written media, and has also been an Ambassador for Somerset.

He also runs a personal development programme ‘Now What?’, as well as quarterly self-development events that provide a platform for amazing speakers across the country. 

As the UK’s top motivational speaker, Brad has delivered inspiring presentations to business people throughout the UK, including Bentley, JCB and Costa. He is a life and business mentor, and is passionate about helping others become masters of their own stories. 


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