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Baron Grant - Motivational Speakers - Teaching audiences how to take control and take acĀ ...

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Speaker Topics

Becoming a Master Salesman

Learn the skills to become the ultimate salesman Read less
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Going All In

Discover how going all in has its benefits. Hear Barons incredible story of determination and overcoming challenges after giving his all Read less
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Baron equips audiences with the tools needed to build and maintain resilience Read less
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The Art of Influence

Learn tips and trick to discover how to become a positive influencer in the everyday world Read less
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Understanding and Developing Your Personal Why

Find out how you can understand and discover your personal motivation and develop resilience Read less
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Baron Grant

Teaching audiences how to take control and take action

Baron Grant is an exceptional and relatable speaker who is able to attend any event as a keynote speaker, facilitator, trainer or coach. He has delivered a magnitude of presentations and training sessions both nationally and internationally.

Able to draw in audiences with his motivational and inspirational approach, Baron creates a deep impression on any audience and enables them personal introspection. Described as the ‘Excuse Breaker’, Baron helps audiences realise that they are in control and that they are able to create a life they desire. He empowers individuals by encouraging them to not watch life go by but go and get it themselves.

Having experienced many life challenges, including admitting defeat whilst his new business suffered and his wife becoming deathly ill, Baron shares the lessons he has learnt along the way. He demonstrates to audiences how to dig deeper and explore what makes life worth living.

Audiences feel motivated to make changes in their lives to achieve their dreams, regardless on the hurdles in the way. Baron gives them useful tools and techniques which can be implemented daily.

As well as inspiring his audiences to achieve, Baron is also an experienced trainer and facilitator and is passionate about building people’s resilience and their own understanding of themselves. He is able to deliver a variety of programs including Social Style and Versatility, Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency, Adaptive Mindset for Agility, and Behavioural EQ.

Baron is a frequent author, having released his book ‘Do It Anyway’, which takes readers on a journey as he shares his experiences and personal challenges.


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