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Amanda Gore - Motivational Speakers - One of Only Four Australians Inducted Into the USA ...

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Speaker Topics

How to Present

Influence and Connect with Impact Amanda has been an internationally acclaimed speaker for 30 years by continuously studying and upgrading her group dynamic skills! She is one of four international speakers inducted into the speaker hall of fame in the USA. In this presentation, Amanda shares how to make a brilliant impact and create the experience and the environment that allows people to make the changes they want to. She teaches the audience the practical skills needed to increase your influence when giving a presentation and how to improve your confidence and make presenting more enjoyable. Read less
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Neuroscience of Sales

How to Develop a Buyers Mindset Using Amanda's signature experience creating humour-loaded yet fact-filled presentations, people will walk away thinking differently about sales and how they interact with others. She reveals the neuroscience-based practical skills and strategies that can re-engage your sales force in a way that leaves everyone feeling recharged and resilient. Read less
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Re-imagining JOY

How to Re-inspire, Re-focus and Re-store meaning During these unprecedented times, we are continuously re-examining what JOY actually looks and feels like. With mental health issues skyrocketing, it is important now more than ever to re-frame everything and educate people and give them the skills to deal with the 'uncertain and constantly changing new normal'. Amanda has designed this keynote to re-store some sense of control in people no matter where they are and establish the deep connections people are craving. Read less
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The Joy Formula

7 Ways to Build Resilience and Restore Work-Life Balance. It is Possible! Research shows that our outlook on stress decides if our bodies react negatively or not. Our perceptions rule our reality and, in part, create our environment. The Joy Formula is a simple and easy way to review important aspects of our lives and become aware of imbalances so we can make a plan to improve them. In this keynote, Amanda talks about The Life Pizza - a simple and easy way to review important aspects of our lives and become aware of imbalances in what areas are most important to us and what areas we put most of our attention on. This then allows us to make a plan to improve that balance. This engaging experience sends people out of the room laughing and determined to balance their 'life pizza'! Read less
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The Joy of Mindsets

3 Must-Have Skills for Change Understanding mindsets and mindfulness changes your brain and improves performance, leadership, decision making, and creativity. It also reduces anxiety, stress, and depression and increases energy, wellbeing and makes you happier. This session will show you simple ways to stop being mindless, be more present, more effective - and more joyful! The difference between a growth mindset and a fixed one is the difference between a joyful life and a stressed, unhappy one; between a joyful team and a dysfunctional one; a great culture or a toxic one. In this keynote, Amanda reveals how we can become more mindful and live more consciously. She discusses how to observe your 'mind state' – so that you become aware every time you are mindless and trapped in a pattern of thinking from the past that creates fear. Read less
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The Joyful Team

This session teaches how to change our thinking/story - which changes the life you create - at work and home! Our beliefs and way of thinking determine our feelings and behaviour. They define the culture we create around us and the unconscious choices we are making every moment. It's time to remember that we control our thinking, and we choose to make conscious choices or not. This session can change perceptions, relationships, personal accountability, enthusiasm, engagement, energy and culture. It can also help people adopt a more positive approach to change. Read less
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The Power of Joy

How Joy Changes Cultures and Performance Everything in business is about feelings, and science has revealed how joy can boost sales, increase productivity, reduce errors, and boost chances of promotion. In this session, Amanda teaches the audience how to rewire your brain for joy. This keynote is aimed at helping people feel good about themselves - which changes the way they interact with everyone else - colleagues, clients and family. Amanda covers the latest research in stress, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience to show you how to reduce the impact of stress and how to change your reactions to it permanently. Read less
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Amanda Gore

One of Only Four Australians Inducted Into the USA Speaker Hall of Fame and CEO of The Joy Product

CEO of The Joy Project, author, columnist and businesswoman, Amanda is also one of only four Australians inducted into the USA Speaker Hall of Fame. She holds a bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy, a major in Psychology, and expertise in Neuroscience, Ergonomics, Positive Psychology, Group Dynamics, Stress Management, Neurolinguistics, and Emotional Intelligence.

As a master practitioner of neurolinguistics, Amanda works with businesses to foster a positive impact. She understands that every business's heart and profit centre is about how people think, feel about themselves, and how they make others feel. 

Using the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence, Amanda helps businesses achieve their desired results and outcomes by attaining employee engagement, enthusiasm, and alignment with corporate goals. 

Amanda strongly believes that everything in life and business, including success, is about feelings. She reveals how the way we feel about something - such as a product, organisation, person or even ourselves, influences our behaviour and informs our decisions about how we spend – our time and money or with whom we conduct business.  Amanda divulges the effect that our perceptions have on our behaviour and the importance of changing this.

Amanda has worked with organisations of all sizes in every industry to help them create cultures of joy and engagement and bring humanity and joy back into their organisations. She has worked with McDonald's, Westpac, Flight Centre, Google, Disney, Hilton, and many other associations, hospitals, and schools.

As an experienced and engaging speaker, Amanda is able to tailor her sessions to suit her audience. Using her knowledge and expertise, she equips the audience with the emotional skills and neural techniques required to think and work in innovative ways, instilling in them a new perspective.

Amanda constantly adds to her knowledge through continuous research, and she continually explores the latest science and ideas. She combines these with personal experience to inspire her audience to want to make changes at work and at home.  However, as a speaker, Amanda understands that although the content is a crucial factor of presentation, nothing changes until people are inspired to change. Therefore, she specialises in putting the human - and humour - element into events while delivering relevant and potent content to create an environment where people want to grow and take responsibility for themselves.



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