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Confidence to Lead: Tapping into your unstoppable confidence to define your leadership

You aspire to lead with greater impact but do not have the leadership title yet? True leadership is not defined by a title but how you talk, behave and your courage to lead. Do not let your lack of confidence hold you back, instead make fear your friend, hone your superpowers and enjoy the success that comes with an unstoppable confidence. Discover how to make fear, failure and rejection your friend and skyrocket your success, as well as capitalise on your unique superpowers and never underestimate your power again. Break free from stereotypes and live a purpose driven life! Read less
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Difference Makers, Leading Diversity: The Power of Inclusive Leadership

No one gender, generation or geography has the monopoly on great ideas. That means diversity and inclusion is everyones responsibility. In fact, making a personal commitment to championing diversity can make you a better leader. Alicia shows how diversifying your ideas, networks, knowledge and team can boost your career, as well as being the right thing to do. Learn what inclusive leadership looks like and how to start practicing it immediately. Understand your own assumptions, biases and blindspots, it happens to everyone. Discover practical strategies to become a diversity champion and reap the leadership benefits of it. Read less
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Power Network = Influence 2.0: Unconventional strategies to build your power network and boost your

Organisations are shifting from excessive hierarchies to a nexus of networks. Therefore your capacity to connect authentically and create powerful relationships will determine your influence and ability to create positive change. Alicia explores beyond the social media influencer culture to the research based strategies to connect, collaborate and co create change. Alicia shares unconventional ways to build strong relationships that make a difference to your career. Read less
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Alicia Curtis

An inspirational young social and business entrepreneur

An inspirational young social and business entrepreneur, Alicia Curtis is driven by her passion to ignite and inspire leaders to change the world. She is an award winning speaker and leadership facilitator. 

At the mere age of 12, Alicia attended the International Children's Conferences, organised by the United Nations. This sparked her passion and led her to co-found her own Children's Conference. 

In 2001, Alicia established her own leadership development company, where she works to inspire and empower individuals to discover their own potential to be leaders. She is also the co-founder and inaugural chair of 100 Women, which inspires everyone to become powerful philanthropist.

In 2014, Alicia was named in the Westpac and Australian Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence List across Australia. 

With a strong passion and purpose, Alicia aims to highlight the importance of leadership and the change that can come from it. Her presentations have received many awards for challenging the stereotypes of who can be leaders and the difference they can make. 


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