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Speaker Topics

Beyond High Performance

How to constantly and consistently be your best at both work and home.

Collaborative Creativity

How to flex your creative muscle and work with others so innovation becomes the norm

Improv Your Life

How the principles of improvisation and play can liberate you and enhance your life

Organisational Storytelling and Communication

How to engage hearts and minds, influence and inspire others through the power of a story

Personal Leadership and Transformation

How to connect with yourself at the deepest level, to find your voice and live a life of meaning

Resilience and Mental Strength

How to deal with the curve balls life throws at you and be able to rise to any challenge

Wade Jackson

An ideal motivational speaker working to improve attitudes, vision and performance 

Motivational speaker Wade Jackson is a specialist in human development and performance within businesses, who utilises successful teaching methods to ensure messages are conveyed clearly and can be applied to the lives of his audience members. His work has been praised by world-leading thinkers Stephen Covey and Edward de Bono.

Author of two critically acclaimed books, ‘Stories at Work’ and ‘JOLT Challenge’, Wade went on to co-create the JOLT system which is a Self-intelligence experience that has been established in six countries and is spreading worldwide.

Wade is able to work with companies on multiple levels, including and incorporating his expansive expertise in multiple disciplines, including martial arts and improvisational comedy as well as postgraduate qualifications in Drama and Health Science.

A dynamic motivational speaker, Wade is able to deliver a presentation full of inspirational messages and useful tools with a high level of energy and humour. His presentations engage and engross audiences allowing them to take away important messages and apply them to their own lives. Using his wealth of knowledge and the ability to tailor his presentation to any audience, Wade travels the world speaking to masses of people, igniting their spark and inspiring them to live to their fullest ability.

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