Tony Christiansen

Travels from: New Zealand

You will laugh, you will cry and you will never forget. Tony Christiansen's story will hit right where it matters – the heart.  

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Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Tony Christiansen is an internationally renowned motivational and inspirational speaker. Tony has no legs; as a result of a horrific train accident that occurred when he was just 9 years old.

Tony is very humorous and he shares his story and positivity with the audiences around the country, he is daring and straight speaking and leaves an imprint that will not be forgotten, it is one of self-belief; the theme is solely “Your perspective determines your attitude in life”.

Tony has accomplished remarkable feats in his life. He openly engages people with his life story and the secrets and techniques to his incredible success. Christiansen is passionate about encouraging his target audiences to set their own challenges, and avoid settling for the limitations imposed by their very own attitudes and other folks’ perception.

Tony has by no means allowed his disability to hold him back, amazingly he has performed more in his journey than most of us are prepared to even try. Amongst these many accomplishments, Tony is a:
• a hit businessman;
• creator of 3 best-selling books;
• metropolis Councillor;
• certified lifeguard honored via the arena Surf Lifesaving Federation;
• World-type athlete, swimmer and Paralympics’ medalist;
• licensed Open Water scuba diver;
• second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do;
• Motor racing champion;
• Adept Snow-skier; and
• Pilot; the first disabled New Zealander to fly solo and the first particular person with an incapacity who discovered to fly from scratch.

In 2002, Tony scaled the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, the arena’s 4th perfect mountain. In 2008, he participated in Speed week on the Bonneville Salt apartments and finished the speed of 182 mph, gaining him the popularity of being the “World’s quickest Amputee”. In 2012, Tony took place as driver of the two-man bobsled and raced down the Utah Olympic Park bobsled route with the US Bobsled and Skeleton Federation.

Tony truly finds delight in every second and shares his passion and enthusiasm with audiences, this fire in Tony keeps him in constant demand as a keynote speaker to a vast variety of audiences as his story can be adapted to uplift and inspire all walks of life. Christiansen leaves his audiences with a perception of what can be accomplished with choice, and a burning need to be successful and embrace the challenges in life.

Tony’s presentation begins by hiking 1.5 metre high scaffolding, a stunning beginning to the roller coaster of emotions that he takes audiences through. He exudes a robust presence and he commands the audience from start to finish. 

Tony Christiansen - Motivational Speakers

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