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Inspiration, Change and Cutting Through To Your Customers

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Starting a business with very little education and money often doesn’t result in much, but Tom Potter’s innovative ideas and unusual business and marketing tactics were so successful, Eagle Boys Pizza quickly became Australia and New Zealand’s largest privately owned pizza company.

Within twenty years, 200 Eagle Boys Pizza stores have been opened across Australia. 

Eagle Boys Pizza has won various National Franchising Awards, and Tom was awarded the Australian Financial Review’s Young Business Person of the Year, as well as being invited to present the valedictorian speech at his graduating class from Harvard Business School.

Tom’s success also allowed him to become Founder and a Consultant of Crusty Devil Bakehouses, which was sold in 2014.

Tom brings his excellent insider knowledge to any presentation and reveals his triumphs and tribulations through a straightforward delivery, which he is able to tailor to suit any event or audience. His presentations demonstrate the fact that he is one of Australia’s most outstanding retailers and entrepreneurs, which helps to inspire and motivate audience members to achieve high standing results.

He is one of the countries most outstanding retailers, entrepreneurs and inspirational leaders. 

After selling his ‘Eagle Boys’ company years ago, he is back in the pizza game.

In the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, Potter launched his own pizza start up “Pizza Guardians”, which has had a huge positive reaction from customers. 

The new pizza start up is simple, seven options, one price and one size, which has been welcomed largely by consumers for its simplicity. 

As far as business and entrepreneurs come, there aren’t many people who can say they have successfully opened two different chains of pizza restaurants.

Tom strives his success on having business resilience and also making good business decisions, stating that in the current climate shift your focus to:

  1. Survival
  2. Good leadership and direction to your staff and customers
  3. Being prepared for when restrictions lift to market your brand aggressively

Tom Potter is certainly back in the game, and is a leading businessman and entrepreneur. 


Speaker Topics

The Eagle Boys Story
This is a great opportunity to hear from a Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur to hear the tumultuous story first hand, learn what went RIGHT AND wrong, and how to learn from it. In the business world enormous success and enormous failure can be a great (and sometimes hilarious) learning experience.


Tom is a compelling and dynamic speaker whose message is important: be creative, show commitment and passion for what you do, and have fun. As entrepreneurial skills and approaches become increasingly significant in many professions, Tom’s example will continue to inspire and motivate.

La Trobe University

As a speaker, Tom Potter is inspirational. He not only tells his story but motivates students be better and to ask more. Tom creates an atmosphere where the audience wants more. He tells of his success but is also openly discusses his challenges. We are very thankful that Tom Potter gave us his time, the students consistently went back to his words.

Prince of Peace College

Tom Potter has the ability to connect to all levels. His life story is inspirational. A true fighter- Passionate about people and product. Hands on, practical and successful. From a Baker to the Founder of one of the Country’s most successful Franchises. His presentation was motivational leaving me with a blueprint for life.

Victoria Foodco Group Pty Ltd

Tom was extremely insightful and an engaging story teller. He shared the positives of innovation in business, zig when others zag! Thank you Tom.


The Tom Potter story is not about Pizza. Tom shared with our team his story of Vision, Courage and Resilience. He shares how it you don’t get it right the first time, your courage and resilience will carry you over the line. This is a human story that we all relate too and any business owner or manager who needs to lead and inspire teams would benefit from the Tom Potter story.

Total Childcare Solutions Australia Ltd

Tom Potter - Motivational Speakers

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