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A motivational speaker with true impact who inspires people to “burst through the banner”

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Stacey Currie’s improbable road from rags to riches inspires and motivates audiences everywhere.

Stacey is the author of the very wonderful book The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too, a mother, respected speaker, successful businesswoman and a popular media identity who has appeared in newspapers, magazines and television programs across Australia and internationally.

According to the typical story, Stacey would live on the streets, be in jail, perhaps addicted to drugs or dead. She certainly does tick every box when you consider the risk factors. Having grown up without her mother throughout her life, living in housing commission, being a victim of sexual abuse as a child, living in a shed at 13, pregnant at 15, 2 babies at 19 and very sadly at 21 homeless with 3 kids and living in an extremely violent domestic relationship.

But then against all odds Stacey overcame her very difficult start in life in a remarkable manner by making the improbable happen and moving on to success in both business ownership and as an acclaimed international motivational speaker. 

Moving forward 10 years…

Stacey is an absolute inspiration and proof that irrespective of your circumstances, if you are powered by passion, anything is possible…

Stacey has amazing self-motivation and it is really no surprise that without any sales experience at all she singlehandedly grew a small business from $100 of sales a month to an incredible $100,000 a month… an accomplishment that earned her a nomination in the Telstra Women in Business Awards. Writing her 1st book in a very quick 6 months, you can be sure that if something is on her to-do list, it will definitely get DONE!

Stacey is now in her 30’s and has 5 wonderful children, and a lovely and supportive partner. She is an author, international motivational speaker, and runs the very successful business Brand Print Australia. But Stacey says one of the most exciting and significant parts of her life is being the official Ambassador for the Lighthouse Foundation and Brave Hearts Inc which saw her nominated for the 2012 Pride of Australia Award. Stacey loves to help others to achieve their goals too.

Stacey’s messages have impact and are effective and lasting and she believes everyone has the power to transform their life ‘it is inside you right now and I will show you the way’.

Stacey’s most incredible rags to riches journey certainly inspires, motivates and moves audiences all over the world.

Stacey Currie - Motivational Speakers

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