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Rik English is a strong motivator and encourages those around him to live life to the fullest and not waste a single second of life.

Founding ‘Create, Grow, Share’ in early 2016, Rik aims to educate everyone that they hold the opportunity to create their own destiny, grow continuously and share that opportunity with other people in the world. This vision came from the desire to change people’s view on the world, encouraging interaction and financially rewarding collaborations ultimately promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Recently, English set himself a challenge to rise out of bed at 4:30am for 38 consecutive days, with the aim to raise the awareness that everyone should do something that makes them feel better about their own bodies, and fuel their mind and soul with something that is meaningful to them.  He also meditates daily and throughout the week enjoys exercising, reading and playing music.

Rik believes in the idea of goal setting and how achievements can fulfil an individual’s intrinsic feelings, building confidence, creativity and empathy. He also understands how positive changes in interactions with people can help to improve an individual’s spirit.

The twenty-seven-year-old promotes the idea that by taking the time to make our own bodies and mind happy, confidence will develop causing a positive energy to radiate, inviting more people to connect and opportunities will arise.

In 2015, English climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in a mere three days and prior to this he had competed in three marathons and played team sports at an amateur level in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand.

After living and working in California for several years, Rik moved to Queenstown in New Zealand before travelling to the UK for a short period. It was during these travels that Rik learnt the most and was motivated to succeed in his life.

He then landed in Sydney on a holiday visa but held a burning desire to build the lifestyle he had always dreamt of. He began to make careful decisions that would enable him the skills to achieve his dream.

Four years on, he holds permanent residency, has built strong and meaningful relationships with those around him, lives near the beach in Manly, has worked in Business Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics recruitment and now runs his own business.

Living life to the fullest is key for Rik English and he sets out to live the best life he can. He strongly encourages the audience that they do something that makes them happy every day. His confidence and strong stage presence is felt by everyone in the room as his key messages are displayed prominently and proudly. Rik can perform presentations, workshops and seminars to any audience and enjoys the interaction between individuals and groups.

His speaking topics include:

·         The benefits of following your passion

·         The link between happiness and success

·         Personal development

·         How powerful selflessness can be

·         Goal setting and what it can do for a business or company

·         The importance of both a healthy mind and body

·         Understanding strengths and weaknesses

·         Communication

·         Business relationships

Rik English - Motivational Speakers

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