Mick Miller

Travels from: New South Wales

Categories: Motivational Speakers, Sports Heroes

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Mick Miller’s presentations will leave any audience feeling motivated and inspired to reach their goals. After working for over 25 years as an elite sports coach, he is able to apply the knowledge learnt over that time and translate concepts into successful results, which he is willing to pass on to audience members.

After surviving cancer, Mick has worked with many athletes who are all seeking different results including Olympic Glory, world championships and youth championships.

Mick has witnessed and assisted athletes that are going through all emotions from victory and the euphoria of winning to the heartbreaking despair and the struggles associated with loss. He has been able to build up athletes after career threatening injuries, rebuild teams who are struggling under the pressure and has mentored young athletes whilst they are struggling with the challenges of growing up.

He has worked as a coach and mentor across a wide range of sporting backgrounds including:

  • Several Olympic campaigns within sailing and rowing working with the coaches and athletes
  • Australian and New South Wales Rowing teams between 1991-2009
  • Rugby Union teams internationally
  • NRL and NSW Rugby Union teams

Mick is able to inspire and encourage any audience to achieve the results they desire. He is able to convey a clear concise message which will resonate with audience members. 


Mick Miller - Motivational Speakers

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