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How Women Lead

This enlightening and highly interactive speech will help women raise their professional games and compete for their dreams. No dream is too big; no goal is unachievable. Liza is devoted to presenting the most captivating and emotional keynote to anyone reaching for excellence in their work. Her material is backed by real life events, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology that are proven to reap huge rewards for your business.

Rewrite Your Comeback Story

Liza delivers a motivational keynote that inspires audiences to overcome challenges in their business and personal life. There is nothing more potent than mastering your mind to overcome any obstacle. Every skill can be enhanced if you have a positive mentality; that is what Liza drives home to her audiences. Through her presentation, Liza teaches actionable tools to audiences to help them find their mental freedom. From their time together, Liza wants your audience to come to accept that no mountain is too big and no river too vast. Similarly, they will learn that any obstacle can have the ability to be transformed into opportunities. Your audience will believe in their potential, to replace negative thinking with the acceptance that they can drive positive change.

Liza Pavlakos

With a powerful story, Liza motivates and inspires her audience

A successful speaker, Liza Pavlakos is known for energizing her audiences with her engaging and passionate personality. Having addressed a wide array of audiences, Liza is well-prepared for anyevent. 

With a life mission to drive entrepreneurs and teams to overcome adversities, Liza delivers implementable tools and techniques that leaves audiences changed for the better. 

Liza’s story is raw, and mesmerises every audience member, ensuring they remember not only her story, but the message behind it. She has overcome homelessness, abduction and abuse to achieve incredible success. 

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