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Liza Pavlakos is a successful and professional businesswoman, with a passion in encouraging every individual to achieve their dreams and desires.

Using her difficult past, a childhood spent homeless and escaping endless abuse, Liza motivated herself to make a change in her own life and became a successful entrepreneur, organiser of world-renowned beauty pageants and is now a motivational speaker helping individuals to realise their inner potential. 

Pavlakos is a passionate individual who is confident on stage, speaking to multitudes of audience members and helping them to focus on the positive aspects of their lives, build up their self-confidence and inspire them to take control of their lives.

As well as releasing a book, titled ‘The Diamonds Within’, Liza volunteers to assist disempowered women, aiming to improve their self-assurance and give them the motivation they need to improve their lives.

Liza Pavlakos is a woman whose inspirational view on the world engages every individual in the room regardless of the amount or background. She ensures that every person in the room feels as though she is speaking directly to them and feels the love and compassion that she encompasses. She can speak about the importance of resilience, persistence, overcoming adversity and decision making as well as inspiring individuals to take control of their lives, fulfil their potential and love themselves for who they are. Her dream is to liberate every individual from the fears that hold them back from achieving what they crave. 

Liza Pavlakos - Motivational Speakers

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