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Lisa Tamati

Lisa's passion for exploration and determination to endure the harshest conditions makes her a captivating motivational speaker

‘Never Stop Exploring’

This is the quote that Lisa Tamati embodies whilst running. Her inspirational story encourages others to push themselves to their absolute limit and to never give up trying.

Lisa belongs to an exclusive club of elite runners including Dean Karnazes.  She is one of the top female ultra-athletes in the world, running over 60,000 kilometres to date, covering almost every desert in the world, as well as running 2250 kilometres in 42 days, averaging 50 kilometres a day.

Her general zest for life and infectious smile has also grasped the attention of running fans, readers of her book and viewers of her television show and documentary. Her books ‘Running Hot’ and ‘Running to Extremes’ are best sellers within Australia, making her profile grow in unexpected ways. Her documentary ‘The World’s Highest Race’ was released in 2014, telling Lisa’s incredible story of her race in the Indian Himalayas.

Suffering from asthma since her early childhood as well as having three broken vertebrae at age 21, her love of running never diminished, but continued to flourish. In 1997 Lisa was invited to take part in a 250 kilometre expedition across the Libyan Desert with four other runners, staying under the radar due to the instability of the countries’ politics and military. Only able to carry 2 litres of water a day and a 35 kilogram bag, the adventure began. With their bodies being pushed to their limits, Lisa’s love for the desert was sparked and drew her back to the same conditions multiple times.

After researching the Marathon des Sables, Lisa decided to give it a go. Comparing backpack weights, distances, water supply and medical controls, she set out to take part of this marathon across the Moroccan Sahara.

Lisa’s philosophy of running became her way of helping others and her passion continues to this day. She believes that there is so much more to explore in this world, so much more to learn and inspires people to push themselves to their own limits and inspires them. She captivates audiences and holds their attention in a way no one else can, and her message is remembered by every audience member in the room. 

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