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If Your Life Story Was a Book, Would You Read It?

Often portrayed in the media as a crazy guy doing crazy things, Joshs keynote talk takes you through how he has achieved world firsts he was told could not be done, as well as the insights he has gained along the way that have left him convinced that we are all capable of achieving insane goals. His story is not glory ridden, it leaves the bloopers and failures IN and is an open and bold account of his life, ultimately leaving people with the permission to write the life story they would love to read for themselves.

Live a Life by Design, Not Default

Find motivation and purpose in your life by believing in yourself and your ability to achieve goals. Follow Josh through his journey from everyday management consultant to world renowned charity adventurer as he takes you through how he achieved some of the most obscure and tough challenges with nothing to guide him but his belief in the purpose of what he was doing. Learn how to visualise and bring to life purpose led activities and programs, the importance of successful team dynamics, how to overcome obstacles by being clear in your objectives and how not to panic when the pressure is on.

Josh Stinton

Founder of Outspire - focused on providing education, learning and insights

Starting his career in the corporate world (management consulting), and always with a passion for philanthropy, in 2012, Josh Stinton took on the challenge of his life and in doing so, changed the course of his own and others lives forever.

Josh relocated to Australia fourteen years ago to complete studies in International Business and a Masters in Banking & Financial Regulation. Since then, his career has seen him work in event production, producing events across multiple sectors, some including TEDxSydney and Vivid Ideas Festival and management consulting, working with professional service organisations throughout Australia as a “design thinking” facilitator, supporting businesses to create appropriate solutions to their challenges.

In 2012, what started out as a friendly dare would change his life forever. Josh agreed to take on one of the most challenging ski races in the world (a 90km cross-country ski race in Sweden) all without ever having skied a day in his life.

On completing the race, Josh founded Outspire - a community committed to doing good. To do this, Josh travels the world taking on some of the hardest challenges known to man all in an effort to raise awareness for small charities in need.

Since his first challenge just over two years ago, Josh has gone on to complete a number of other incredible challenges including representing Australia in Unicon, a 14km downhill mountain unicycle race; and mountain biking in the world’s toughest 700km off-road race Arctic Mountain in Alta Norway. He has a slew of challenges planned challenges planned for the next 5-10 years and with it, the list of charities he’s hoping to support.

Often referenced as the “Charity Adventurer”, Josh strives to encourage others to action through a range of activities including challenge participation, keynote speaking and workshop facilitation. Josh’s passion for giving back to charity has seen him win accolades such as Project Future’s top honour – being crowned the charity’s “Stella Fella” title and national ambassador for anti-sex trafficking. Josh is available for keynote speaking, film and video opportunities & brand partnerships. 

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