Eric Bailey

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The only thing that matters is what you have in your heart and what you’re prepared to do to ignite a burning desire to succeed in life. Presenter, Speaker, Motivator, Visionary, Activationalist – these as just some of the words that describe the incredibly inspirational and vast works of Eric Bailey.

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Eric Bailey’s powerful presentations leave audiences feeling refreshed and motivated to push themselves. He fills any room with positive energy and can convey motivational messages to any audience with an excitement and enthusiasm that is not often seen.

Eric is passionate about the importance of motivation and having a vision, and this is clearly and concisely shared with his audiences. His successful careers across multiple industries including professional sport, executive management and sales give him the experience and the knowledge to deliver a powerful presentation. He holds over 20 years of motivating people, which includes a range of audiences from corporate teams to students. Eric is also available to give personal mentoring and coaching to motivate individuals.

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Bailey had a difficult beginning but is now using his past experiences to aid those around him. As a credit to his triumphant success he has spoken to over 3 million people globally, has been Google ranked at the Number 1 Activational Speaker and in 2015 he was voted as the top 22 Motivational Speaker in the World.

He holds the Certified Speaking Professional Designation, which is one of the top achievements any speaker can be awarded with and less than 10% of speakers globally hold this accreditation. The process to gain a CSP takes a rigorous five-year certification process of which the applicant must demonstrate expertise and experience to the National Speaker Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

As a previous professional basketball player, Eric stands at 198cm tall but instead of using his towering frame as a defence he uses it to connect with every individual within the room. He uses his backgrounds and combines them with his love of speaking to present a dynamic presentation that leaves audiences mesmerised.

Eric is an ambassador for three not-for-profit charities including White Ribbon, Adopt Change and Nourish Children. His extensive work with these charities has seen him featured in the highly acclaimed World Class Magazine.

In January 2016, Bailey published his much anticipated book ‘Bring Your a Game: Climb the Stairs to Your Personal Success’.

With an uncanny ability to connect with all individuals regardless of background and tailor his presentations to suit the audience, Eric Bailey engrosses the room he is talking to. His use of humour, anecdotes and honesty ensure audiences take away his key messages and remember his inspirational presentation long after the conclusion. 

Eric Bailey - Motivational Speakers

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