Danny Green

Travels from: Western Australia

The Green Machine:  Motivational speaker & nice guy with a knockout punch!

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The one boxer from Australia to win 4 professional world titles, Danny Green is one of the most well-known athletes in the country, Danny’s laconic, gregarious laid back personality outside the boxing ring truly contradicts his ferocious and intense manner inside the ring; his overwhelming power, aggressive instincts and motivational presence have earned him the renowned nickname 'THE GREEN MACHINE'.

A passionate surfer from Perth, Danny left school to become a carpenter, but also found his childhood dream of becoming a world champion boxer a genuine possibility after cultivating and sharpening his power, resolve and instincts, emerging as a boxer of great substance.

Danny is greatly loved in the community for his perseverance and readiness to engage his considerable fan base, and more notably for his philanthropy and generosity to assist people of all ages and walks of life. It is often said that 'his heart is as big as his punch!'

For the past 10 years Danny Green has appeared regularly on our TV screens; interviews on The Footy Show and The Project, a runner up on the popular Dancing With the Stars, to A Current Affair campaigning against violence on the streets.

Danny is so concerned about the issue of street violence he produced and funded an ad campaign addressing alcohol-fueled violence demonstrating that it is not acceptable to go out and assault someone. In January 2014, the NSW Government arranged with TV and radio networks for the campaign to be released as a Community Service Announcement. Danny said he hopes the TV commercial leads to cultural change among young men. "The community is desperate for a change," he said. "We all want to see a shift in the way we think, especially in young guys. It's not ok or tough to go out and assault someone. We as a society must all come together to stamp out these shocking and dangerous actions”

In 2002 Danny started his own promotional company, Green Machine Promotions, and has promoted 2 of the largest, most respected and highest earning bouts in Australian boxing history. Green Machine Promotions is globally recognized and respected as a highly professional and integral group, putting on some of the premier boxing events that compete with anyone else in the world.

Danny is always keen to lend a hand, working hard for his family and enjoying his life to the full. His story is one of victory, anguish, exhilaration and never say die! He has knocked numerous men out, and also been knocked out himself several times in world title fights. Danny has been on an unbelievable journey; he has many remarkable stories to tell – including being locked in a cage with 6 lions and surfing alongside a shark. Danny Green always has a go, does it with a smile, and this great Australian will never die wondering!

Danny Green is happy to share his inspirational experiences with your staff and clients; he will leave them feeling inspired, motivated and entertained, perhaps humbled or maybe ready to don the gloves!

For further information on Danny Green please contact us on 1300 661 904 or info@keynote.net.au and we will be happy to assist you.

Danny Green - Motivational Speakers

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