Brennon Dowrick

Travels from: Queensland

One of Australia’s most successful male gymnasts and now an internationally in-demand corporate speaker.

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Brennon Dowrick is one of Australia’s most successful male gymnasts who shares his knowledge about increasing productivity and performance to corporate businesses both nationally and internationally. His presentations are informative and engaging, ensuring audiences remember his key points long after the presentation concludes.

As a top Olympic gymnast, graduate of journalism, successful business owner and proud employee of one of Australia’s top corporations, Brennon has experienced a magnitude of success and is interested in delivering impressive results to improve any organisation. He helps to increase levels of motivation, focus and passion as well as aiming to understand the importance of individual roles and teamwork. Overall, he works hard to produce greater corporate efficiency and performance.

Dowrick has competed at two Olympic Games, three Commonwealth Games and 7 Gymnastic World Championships ensuring he understands the importance of supportive surroundings, concentration and accepting opportunities that allowed him to thrive. His stories of participating in the Olympics are not just spoken but also shown. To the surprise of audience members, his pommel horse is revealed and his suit and tie are removed, showing his gymnasts uniform underneath. Throughout his presentations, Brennon demonstrates his impressive skills atop the pommel horse, further cementing his inspirational messages and the importance of focus. His use of gymnastics within his presentations engage the audience and emphasise the impressive skills of Brennon.

Speaking to over 70 organisations and associations per year, Brennon’s passion is felt worldwide and has seen him specialise in opening and closing presentations. He is also known for taking home the title of ‘Speaker of the Conference’ after many of his presentations.

In addition to his keynote presentation, Brennon also co-founded Thrive Corporate Training which presents important and relevant information to experts in many industries including business, sporting and media. The Thrive presenters are encouraged to share their experiences with individuals seeking to improve their own presentation, leadership and communication skills. Brennon also offers personal performance coaching, helping many of his keynote clients to achieve their goals in a hands-on manner. He also is passionate about improving the health of Australia’s youth and is actively involved in events focussed on improving the exercise routine and lifestyle habits of teenagers aged between 13 – 18.

With a key focus on improving the performance and productivity of major companies internationally and nationally, Brennon Dowrick is a passionate individual who can connect with audience in a fun and engaging manner, ensuring they learn from his presentations. His presentations are humorous and informative ensuring results occur and audiences leave feeling motivated and inspired.



Brennon Dowrick - Business Speakers

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