Anne-Marie Elias

Travels from: New South Wales

A social change connector, strategist, innovator, inspirational speaker and facilitator

Categories: Motivational Speakers

Speaker Topics

  • Disrupting the Status Quo: The Reinvention of CSR
  • Igniting Change
  • The Alchemy of Collaboration

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

As a catalyst for change, Anne-Marie Elias aims to restructure the manner in which our social systems support those in need. Having spent three decades breaking down the cycle of social disadvantage, Anne-Marie is passionate about seeing, making and achieving change.

Beginning her career as a youth activist, Anne-Marie went on to become a senior policy adviser to several Australian and NSW Cabinet Ministers. During this time, she also worked for non-government organisations, and within the private sector.

Throughout her career, Anne-Marie witnessed first-hand how social systems let down those in desperate need of support. She became frustrated by the way society treated those in need.

In 2013, Anne-Marie received a serious wake-up call when someone close to her heart passed away suddenly. This prompted her to act, and not be resigned to social structures failing to support the ‘voiceless’ members of our community.

In 2014, Anne-Marie founded The Collective NSW, which aims to protect the most vulnerable in our society through cross-sector and community collaboration. Using a unique approach, the company encourages the community to lead the way to new problem-solving initiatives, creating a movement run by the people, for the people where every single life matters.

As a speaker, Anne-Marie’s passion shines through, with her enthusiasm and willingness to make change is witnessed by every audience member. She enables people to step up and seek opportunities to create change in our communities.

Anne-Marie’s Speaking Topics include:

  • Disrupting the Status Quo: The Reinvention of CSR – Anne-Marie addresses how organisations can implement Corporate Social Responsibility and the key changes needed to be made in order to create a sustainable future for all. Audiences are given the tools needed to understand the nature of CSR as well as the ability to develop disruptive strategies
  • Igniting Change – change elicits fear in many, but Anne-Marie is able to empower individuals to overcome the fear and embrace the infinite opportunities change can bring. Audiences are shown how to problem-solve, anticipate and act without fearing the outcome.
  • The Alchemy of Collaboration – leaders are empowered with skills needed to produce a controlled and collaborative approach to the challenges business face. Anne-Marie gives audiences seven-steps in order to ignite collaboration in teams, enhance performance and innovation, and create individuals who feel engaged, on purpose and aligned with the collective vision of the organisation.
Anne-Marie Elias - Motivational Speakers

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