Anne Carey

Travels from: Western Australia

A nurse, midwife and medical warrior helping communities worldwide

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A nurse, midwife and medical warrior, Anne Carey has spent her life helping others – even when it has put her own life at risk. Anne has provided health care for remote communities in hospitals and clinics across Papua New Guinea, Northern Territory and Western Australian.

As an Australian Red Cross aid worker in some of the world’s hotspots including Sudan, Kenya and most recently Sierra Leone, Anne leaves an impact on everyone she meets.

During her time in Sudan, Anne and her colleagues came under attack, but while others left, they courageously stayed put to help the local residents. In Sierra Leone, she spent three assignments battling on the frontline against the deadly Ebola virus and was amongst the first volunteers to assist. Every day, she was taped into a personal protection suit, and while she may have looked inhuman in her all-white sterilised suit, thick rubber gloves and perspex goggles, Anne extended humanity with a simple touch and professional care that helped people understand they were not alone.

Despite the death, fear and despair felt during the Ebola outbreak, Anne was a beacon of hope and continues the desperate fight to save the lives of people most in need.

Anne received the Pride of Australia Care and Compassion Award in 2015 and was the 2016 W.A. Australian of the Year.

The guiding principal by which Anne tries to live is to have the courage to be kind.  Anne channels the same energy she used to tackle Ebola, to raise awareness and tackle bullying in the health workforce and the unkind treatment of refugees.

Anne is a first class speaker with an amazing story to tell. She will inspire and motivate any audience.

Anne Carey - Motivational Speakers

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