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Conscious Based Leadership

Focused Based Conscious Leadership

How Leadership has changed from authority to inspiration. Systems and strategies to stay on top of your game as a leader. How to speak with clear, concise and conscious communication skills. How to negotiate challenging discussions with staff to avoid heated arguments

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Inspired Based Leadership

What is inspired leadership and how has leadership changed from the past ? How to stay ahead of the rapidly changing world and stand out in a crowd Tips and techniques to be in flow and in the zone all day everyday ? How to see into the future and lead the way forward into the next frontier

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Magnify Your Success In A Stress Free Workplace

Understand the negative impact of stress on mind, body and biochemicals ? Staff will learn how they can empower themselves over stress and increase brain potential ? How to improve sleep, focus and productivity ? Experience a group guided meditation session to show in real time the impact meditation can have on the mind and body

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Meditation and Mindfulness for a Successful Workplace

Optimising A Happy, Healthy and Focussed Workplace

Staff will learn how to reduce stress on a mental, physical and emotional level ? Tips and strategies for a good night's sleep ? Why mindset is everything and how to sharpen your mind ? A quick guide to meditation and which meditation is best for you

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Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin is passionate about helping individuals and companies reach optimal performance by removing barriers of stress through meditation and coaching

Tom Cronin has had a vastly successful 26-year career in finance, working as a broker for the worlds largest broking house, ICAP PLC. He is a renowned speaker and corporate trainer, who has been recognised both nationally and internationally as a leadership expert. Often known as 'The King of Calm’, Tom is known for his inspiring, empowering, and humorous presentations that cover topics on leadership, stress management, mindfulness, and empowerment.

Tom is the author of 6 books, one of which was globally published (through Allen and Unwin and Murdoch Press), called ‘The Portal’, and produced its accompanying documentary film of the same name, which explore the portal behind peoples minds to discover humanity’s need for meditation. Tom has released books ranging from, The Path to Peace, which navigates the complexity of change with grace and ease to his children’s book, Missy Moo Meditates. Tom also founded The Stillness Project, a movement with the goal of inspiring one billion people to meditate daily.

Tom started out as a Wolf of Wall Street style broker in 1987 and after many years of stress, decided to embrace meditation to create a change for the better. After turning to mindfulness, he began to experience a profound shift in both performance and overall wellbeing, leading him to pursue teacher training. In 2012 Tom left the world of finance to commit his time to making a difference in the world. He has since taught thousands of people across the globe how to meditate, led transformational retreats, and hosted corporate trainings for Fortune 100 companies including Amazon, Coca Cola, as well as UBS, Nova FM and Fairfax Media. Tom has also presented at some of the largest events such as Afest, Wanderlust, and the Adnews Summit, speaking to audiences with hundreds of people, in Mexico, Bali, USA, Australia, and Kuala Lumpur.

Tom’s first-hand experience and strong skillset as a facilitator have allowed him to teach conference participants practical strategies to apply to their work and personal lives. He shares empowering insights and knowledge, and a meditation training experience during his sessions that never fail to leave any audience feeling uplifted, inspired, and equipped to become their healthiest, happiest, and most successful selves.

Tom has worked with a multitude of companies, conferences, and media outlets as both a speaker and facilitator, with organisations such as UBS, Nova FM, Qantas, Finch Media, Fairfax Media, Amazon, Sydney Airports, GPT, Bank of China, Wanderlust, Afest, Mindheart Connect, and more.
Sharing his insights for a successful life, Tom has been featured on TV and in numerous media releases, with Thrive Global, Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo News, The Morning Show Channel 9, CBS, NineMSN, Conde Nast Traveller, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Vogue, and Business Insider magazine, just to name a few.


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