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Graeme Cowan - Mindfulness & Mental Health - Building resilience to avoid burnout in our person ...

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3 Secrets of Great Teams: Care, community and contribution

As we rush into the digital revolution, workplaces can seem less human, and yet we all yearn to feel accepted for who we are. We want to enjoy being at work, have a purpose that excites us, and have the opportunity to grow. Based on the latest research, audiences will learn the number one secret of great teams, how to build team connection and meaning and how to boost motivation and progress. Read less
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5 Rituals of Truly Caring Leadership: A blueprint for team innovation

The more employees that believe that their supervisor or someone at work cares about them as a person, the higher the profit, productivity, & customer service levels. Leaders are what they repeatedly do. Learn self care rituals that work, how to be a caring leader and how to make it safe to take moderate risks, learn, and grow. Read less
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7 Rituals of Resilient People: Small steps, remarkable results

In times of change and frantic activity, it can be easy to forget self care. Adopting small rituals helps us to enjoy the direct link between self care, resilience, and growth. Audiences learn the 3 foundations of resilience, 7 rituals for a thriving career and life as well as how to identify your resilience gaps and adopt a new ritual Read less
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ICARE: How to support someone in distress

The CSIRO nominated rising stress and mental health issues as a megatrend that will thump Australian productivity for the next 20 years. In a team of 12, 3 employees will be living with depression, anxiety, or a substance abuse problem. Based on researching 4000+ people in his book BACK FROM THE BRINK, Graeme explains how to show you care, ask R U OK? with empathy, and guide the person to help. Read less
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Graeme Cowan

Building resilience to avoid burnout in our personal and professional lives

After a challenging breakdown in the 2000 Tech Crash, Graeme found the motivation to explore strategies for fortifying mental health. Thanks to his extensive research and education programs, Graeme has helped his audience become more resilient in the face of adversity.

Most notably, Graeme worked alongside David Larkin and his small team to build R U OK? in 2000, one of Australia’s leading mental health campaigns. As a non-executive director, Graeme continues to contribute crucial research to help the campaign deliver practical strategies for mental health.

Originally a senior leader in companies like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and AT Kearney, Graeme understands the complex dynamics that underpin any organisation and leadership position.

Recognising the stress that comes with corporate workplaces, Graeme founded ThriveCentral in 2010 to help employees cope with volatile and uncertain work environments. Supported with research evidence, he promises that all his resources are practical and directly relevant to his audience.

Graeme is a passionate writer, having written books like “Thriving Naturally: 30 Day Mood Plan” and the “Back From The Brink” series.

He is also frequently consulted for his expertise on a range of media programs, including on ABC TV and Radio, The Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian and 3AW. 

Graeme is a popular keynote presenter for his mental health expertise, and has worked with organisations from a whole range of industries, including NSW Health, Medibank, NAB, Macquarie Group and EY.


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