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Dr Michael Nagel on Mindfulness - Mindfulness & Mental Health - Mindfulness, the Brain and Enhancing the Workplace ...

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Dr Michael Nagel on Mindfulness

Mindfulness, the Brain and Enhancing the Workplace!

Today’s work environments are vastly different than previous generations given changes to society and the influence of technology on work and home environments. 

Many workplaces experience increasing demands and challenges which can lead to high levels of stress.  High stress, in turn, has been linked to decreased creativity, effectiveness and efficiency as well as low workplace morale.

Taken in their entirety, such factors may lead decreased productivity and/or increased employee absenteeism and burnout.  That’s the bad news!  The good news is that many work environments now incorporate ‘mindfulness’ practice as a buffer and potential ‘cure’ for the challenges noted above.

In itself, ‘mindfulness’ is the ability to be fully present of the moment while avoiding being overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around you. 

There are many benefits to mindfulness that go beyond the work environment as well and this presentation looks to unpack some of the neuroscience around mindfulness while providing practical strategies for engaging in mindfulness practice. 

In the end, practicing mindfulness activities promotes mental health for the individual and can assist in facilitating clear and constructive communication, and enhancing workplace relationships.

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