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Dr Jenny Brockis  - Mindfulness & Mental Health - Inspiring a happier life as a physician in lifesty ...

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Fit, Fast and Focused: Thats Smart Work

With increased productivity and efficiency on the top of everyones to do list, we just forgot one thing. That to be a smarter sharper thinker we need to use our brain the way it was best designed, starting with better brain health for greater adaptability, focus and mindful attention, because overwork is the fastest route to high stress and burnout. Read less
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Resilience Builders: Why mental toughness and grit is not enough

Staying mentally well and psychologically safe by armouring up against the relentless challenges of modern life and work does not work. It is time to ditch the chain mail, redefine what we mean by stress and connect with what really helps us to T.H.R.I.V.E Read less
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The Future of Healthcare: Who cares for the carer?

We need to talk, about what the heck is going on in health care (aged care, allied health etc) With 40% of practitioners at the point of burnout and a health system no longer capable of servicing the need of our communities, the need for change is critical and comes down to what we can do as individuals, leaders and managers to reinstate a culture founded on C.A.R.E Read less
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The Science of Connection: Why Happiness Matters

We spend over 1/3 of our lives at work so surely there has to be something more than just a pay check that gets us to keep showing up Discover the 4 Ps that motivate us to work well, achieve more, collaborate with others and create greater happiness at work Read less
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Thriving by Design: It is a Brave New World

Change is a constant, busy the new norm and stress is business as usual. To avoid Busy Brain Syndrome and retain high performance it is time to smarten up your thinking with a little self care, the right mindset and knowhow to get on well with others Read less
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Dr Jenny Brockis

Inspiring a happier life as a physician in lifestyle medicine

Best-selling author and physician Dr Jenny Brockis is committed to helping everyone live happier and healthier lives. Endlessly curious and compassionate about those around her, Jenny’s keynote presentations draw on her professional knowledge to provide practical tips for everyone.

As a child, Jenny’s fascination with Rudyard Kipling’s ‘How The Elephant Got His Trunk’ sparked an insatiable curiosity about the world and the human body. After completing her medical education, Jenny dedicated her career to improving the welfare of others as a lifestyle medicine physician. Not long after, she established Brain Fit in 2009, a workplace-based consultancy that specialises in brain health, mental wellbeing and social connection. 

An award-winning and highly respected keynote speaker, Jenny has empowered thousands of people to achieve their goals through practical strategies that capitalise on their individual strengths.

Jenny also shares her insight as a writer of four books, including “Brain Fit!” and “Smarter Sharper Thinking”. Her latest book, “Thriving Mind: How to Cultivate a Good life” explores the science behind living a happy life.

Jenny is committed to re-discovering the spark in people’s eyes by inspiring them to seize every opportunity and make the most out of their own lives.


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