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Discipline - it's P.U.R.E. Desire

Drawing upon his own professional and personal hard fought experiences, Kevin explores the topic of discipline in plain language. He not only motivates listeners for action, he also provides a practical framework to apply immediately. Read less
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Keeping Wings Level

Fly with Kevin as he gives you a brief glimpse into his world when his wings weren’t level
and learn what to implement personally and organizationally to build resilience – so you
can keep wings level and get stuff done!

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Mental Health Leadership - Leading yourself and then others

Recent national research shows how a toxic workplace is just as debilitating as exposure to trauma, whilst being in a positive workplace is like receiving a mental health inoculation. Which will you contribute to and how will you know? Read less
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NOBLE Self-Leadership

Walk away transformed, with tips and tools for immediate implementation. You’ll be ready to take action in your own life and to inspire the lives of others.

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Perception, Permission and Purpose

Experience the highs and lows of Kevin’s life as though you were there with him, then share the lessons of his journey. Walk away transformed and ready to take ac tion in your own life and to inspire the lives of others. Read less
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Kevin Humphreys

Inspiring Speaker, Military leader and Mental Health Advocate

Kevin Humphreys, an inspiring international keynote speaker, facilitator, author, and helicopter pilot, defies stereotypes and champions self-leadership. Graduating as the top pilot at 21, he served in the Army for 20 years, flying Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters.

Despite facing a breakdown due to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and a toxic culture, Kevin rebounded, spending a decade as a Search and Rescue helicopter flight instructor, flight examiner, Chief Pilot, and Director of Operations. His mission now is to inspire Noble Self-Leadership in businesses.

Recognized for his leadership, he influenced the Dutch Air Force with his operational excellence, received the Distinguished Service Cross for his leadership in Afghanistan, and serves as the Mental Health Ambassador for AIRBUS Australia Pacific. Kevin is a 2023 Community Citizen of the Year, a mental health advocate, and founder of COR INFINITUS, providing dignity to the families of those who served and struggled.

With 20 years in the military, Kevin is dedicated to promoting mental health discussions. His distinguished military career included flying Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters, tours in East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and humanitarian missions in Papua New Guinea. He served as a role model for a Dutch colleague's Military Order of William induction.

Kevin's experiences have been featured in books, media, and art. He shares his journey with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, emphasizing that recovery and transformation are possible. Kevin aims to destigmatize mental illness and promote compassion.


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