Shelly Horton

Travels from: Queensland

An MC, host or keynote speaker with a twist

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If you're looking for an MC, host or keynote speaker with a twist, look no further than Shelly Horton. 

Regularly called upon to host events for Business Chicks, Twinings and Triumphamongst many others, Shelly knows how to present key client messages weaving them into her own cheeky and honest delivery.

Shelly has acted as MC and hosted Q&A sessions for conference events for over 1000 people, MC’d product launches and is an inspiring guest speaker at sit down business dinners and lunch events. Wonderfully authentic and real, she is a renowned and trusted voice in the areas of news and entertainment, women’s issues and health. 

Speaker Topics

Adapt or Die
Shelly is not afraid to reveal her failings so everyone can be inspired to reach for their dreams. In a fickle and highly competitive industry, she has managed to carve out a successful long term career, and she shares her insights (as well as a few highly entertaining celebrity stories) from along the way.
Polishing Your Presentation Skills
Conquer your fear of public speaking, polish the way you present and learn how to get your messages across convincingly like a pro with Shellys tips and tricks of the trade. These skills are applicable to anyone in business from conducting sales meetings to pitching ideas to your boss.
The Art of Small Talk
Fear small talk no more and walk into a room of strangers with ease. Whether it is compulsory work functions or business savvy network nights, learn from one of the best in the business about the art of introductions, tips on how to remember names, techniques to use to extract yourself from dull conversations, ideas how to fill awkward silences and most importantly how to leave a positive impression at any event.
Shelly Horton - MCs & Hosts

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