Kerryn Vaughan

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Speaker, author, singer/songwriter, trainer, mentor and podcast host

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As a speaker, international author, singer/songwriter, trainer, mentor and podcast host Kerryn Vaughan holds over 40 years of experience in multiple arenas including for crowds up to 20,000 people. Her uncanny ability to command the stage sees many return requests for her talent.

Kerryn’s award winning book ‘Magnificent Kids!’ was the catalyst to her founding the global organization One Planet Classrooms, which facilitates projects to relieve poverty induced suffering predominantly in Africa. Such projects include clean water solutions, solar power, sustainable projects, feminine hygiene & empowerment initiatives, as well as the sponsorship of more than 180 school children.

In 2018, Kerryn became wildly accountable after making a pledge to ‘launch a purposeful female focused initiative’ in front of 300 women at an International Women’s Day event. From that, she co-founded Girls With Hammers hosting conferences and workshops aiming at empowering women.

Kerryn released her second book ‘Get Off The Bench!’ in 2019 which is about getting your project or idea out of your head, and into action.

As a skilled and inspirational speaker, Kerryn has presented keynotes at many varied events and conferences both in Australia and internationally, typically speaking about empowerment, courage, creating a better world and standing in your truth. 

Kerryn has numerous of success stories under her belt, she supports and inspires people to find their voice, unlock their magnificence and delivers this in a brutally honest kick-ass way that only Kerryn can. Strap yourself in for a fast-paced adventure.

 Her powerful presence, coupled with a quick wit and terrific sense of humour, makes Kerryn ideal for vibrant events or for functions that are looking for that little extra sparkle.  As an MC or keynote, Kerryn will deliver high-energy charm and cheekiness that will captivate and engage any audience within minutes.


Captain Kerryn, yes I know I said this a dozen times yesterday but ‘you are one of a kind’. Your overwhelming, powerful, controlled, loveable enthusiasm is so, so infectious it not only rubs off on the audience but also on the guest speakers. Because of you they start their presentation on such a high all because of the flow and energy you’ve created prior. You control the room at every moment, even when you make a mistake you still have the uncanny knack of getting past it and making it work or be funny. The vibe in the room all day was electrifying.

Traralgon Vineyard

Kerryn has an energy and personality unlike any I've ever seen. Your audience is going to be crying out for more, and I suggest you give it to them.

Hero Round Table

Kerryn it was an absolute delight to hear you speak. You are the #rockstar my friend. Inspirational, informative, witty & joyous presentation. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us.

Neighbourhood Houses - Gippsland

Kerryn Vaughan  - MCs & Hosts

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