James O'Loghlin

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An experienced and polished MC/Host and expert in innovation

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As one of Australia’s most beloved, respected and recognised speakers and media personalities, James O’Loghlin is an experienced presenter who connects with every audience he speaks to.

Hosting ABC TV’s ‘The New Inventors’ for over 300 episodes, O’Loghlin developed a love for innovation, which is now the basis of many of his keynote presentations. He explores how practical everyday things can be changed and adapted to the newer market. He examines how companies need to change and create a culture which nurtures and encourages innovation.

He has experience in many different speaking roles including keynote speeches, a Master of Ceremonies and a panel discusser, making him perfect for any event he is desired for.

James’ witty and engaging personality has made him a favourite with audiences and event planners alike. 

Speaker Topics

Creating an Innovative Culture
The greatest resource any organisation has is the space between the ears of its people, but many don’t get anywhere near full value from it. It’s more important than ever for organisations to be innovative, but how do you create a culture where everyone knows that part of their job is to think of better ways of doing things, and where new ideas are captured, assessed, trialled and the best ones implemented?
Innovation is a State of Mind
How often do you have days when you are so busy you don't have time to think? Days when there isn't one spare moment to think about how you can improve the way that you do things? No matter how well your business is doing today, if you keep doing things the same way, in 10 years' time - maybe less - you will have been left behind. To stay relevant and successful, businesses need to keep coming up with better ways of doing things. In eight years hosting 'The New Inventors' ex-Australian lawyer James O'Loghlin met hundreds of people who thought outside the box and came up with new and better ways of doing things.
Overcoming the Barriers to Innovation
Many of us want to focus more on innovation and improving our business, but find that it just doesn’t happen. What goes wrong? What factors stop us from being innovative, and how can we overcome them? In this informative and entertaining keynote former host of “The New Inventors” and innovation expert James O’Loghlin will explain what the 6 most common barriers to innovation are, and how to overcome each one and ensure that making your business better becomes a part of your work every day.


It was one of the most insightful and humorous presentations I have seen. From the first line he immediately engaged over 200 staff and for over an hour took them on a journey mixed with fantastic quotes, life experience and real intelligence on what it means to be an innovator and how to apply this to everyday life.

Dell Australia and New Zealand

Great ideas on thinking and innovation. Really warm and engaging style.


Thank you for your great keynote – we got great feedback and you really helped the event focus on how ‘the individual’ in an organisation can make a difference.

Kraft Foods

James O

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