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Brooke Boney

Travels from: New South Wales

Entertainment Reporter, MC and Keynote Speaker 

Categories: MCs & Hosts

Speaker Topics

Life Story and Keynote Address
Brooke talks about her life story, and in her keynote address she covers several topics including: Female Leadership, Empowerment and Mentoring; Indigenous Issues, Empowerment and Mentoring; Achieving Personal Best and Growth Regardless of Circumstances; as well as her own Personal Achievement and Reflection on Australian Media, Lifestyle and Cultural Landscapes

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

In January 2019, Brooke Boney was announced as the Today Show’s new entertainment reporter in a network shake-up of its breakfast staple. Brooke is popular with both her followers and the Australian public with her authentic and honest approach. Perhaps the most profound takeaway is that Brooke stands out because she’s so awe-inspiringly content with being herself. 

When it comes to her work, Brooke masterfully balances her trademark relaxed outward glow with an inward fierceness that was born from a childhood of disadvantage. It’s that perfectly-pitched belly-fire which has shaped her poise and readiness in high-pressure live media environments. It’s not often you meet a journalist who can cover a political campaign trail as comfortably as they can cover the showbiz beat. 

Being thrown in the deep end - and thriving - has been a hallmark of her extraordinary career to date. Brooke earned her big break on national youth radio station Triple J as the news presenter for Ben and Liam’s breakfast show. It was that show that gave her the platform to blindly audition for the Nine Network.

Brooke passionate embraces her Indigenous culture, working to ignite discussion around indigenous affairs and sharing her message with sensitivity to the slow and subtle pace of progress. Doing so under the hopeful gaze of thousands of Indigenous youths across the country, Brooke is that someone who helps them imagine themselves doing it too. 

Relatable beyond her growing celebrity, more talented than the collective masses, and more likeable than your best friend, Brooke is a wonderful addition to any event.

Brooke Boney - MCs & Hosts

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